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Question #93232 posted on 07/21/2020 2:26 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Hair question! I'm a guy who's been growing his hair out for about a year and a half by now, which has been a pretty fun change and it's quite long. At this point I'm considering cutting it short again before the end of the year, but I haven't committed to that yet. However, in the past year and a half I haven't had it cut or trimmed a single time, and before I get it cut short, I want to get at least one haircut to really make it look good while it's still long. Do you have any recommendations for places to get a good haircut? And would it be better to go to a barber shop or hair salon? Also, I'm not trying to break the bank with a haircut, but I'm definitely willing to pay more than $15 to make sure it's good.

-Pretty Hair :)


Dear Oh So Pretty,

It would appear that none of us have recommendations. Personally, the last time my hair was cut/trimmed was in 2018 so I'm definitely not the right person to be asking. Your best bet is probably to look up online reviews or making a post on social media.

Sorry to not be of more help, and if any readers have recommendations, please leave a correction.



Dear Harry, 

I always cut my own hair. I seriously can't remember the last time I had it done professionally. My recommendation is to look into local hair schools (Paul Mitchell being an example). Most of the time you can get a good deal because the students there are still learning, but they also are trained enough and dedicated enough to do a good job. 

Because I haven't been many places and don't know your price range or preferences, I'm not sure what else to tell you. There are LOTS of aesthetics places and salons around. I doubt you could go seriously wrong with any of them as long as you're clear on what you want them to do. 



posted on 07/22/2020 3:51 p.m.
The Man Barber in down town provo does amazing things. It's about $40 a hair cut. but it's worth it.
posted on 07/24/2020 11:30 p.m.
Look up The Same But Shorter on Facebook. It’s a home salon in Orem, but she does great work. She cuts all hair but is specifically geared towards men’s haircuts. And it’s only $20 a cut!

~Former client who would absolutely still see her exclusively if we hadn’t moved out of state
posted on 07/26/2020 1:14 p.m.
I've heard good things about Danburry in downtown Provo, but I don't know how much he charges or if he does long hair.