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Question #93245 posted on 08/10/2020 8:30 a.m.

Dear Tipperary and the rest of the 100 Hour Board,

How are you feeling? #folklore



Dear Guesthouse,

Okay, so I had to listen to this one 3 times before I really got into it. I had to listen to 1989 and reputation a few times before I really got into those too. Folklore has a very different vibe (it's her only album released in the alternative genre), and I typically don't listen to Alternative.

Also, I'm getting married very soon so I've basically just been listening to her album Lover on repeat continuously. One of my favorite thing about Taylor Swift is how relatable and connectable her songs are, so which album I listen to depends highly on my current mood/vibe.

That being said, folklore is a nice change of pace. I've been listening to it at work and it's nice to work too. My personal favorites are Seven, August, and Invisible String which is so cute it might end up on my wedding playlist.




Dear Guesthouse,

This was truly the good news we needed in 2020. I really loved the whole album--it was slower and less pop-y that her recent albums, and sort of reminded me of vintage Taylor in that it was mostly boiled down to just her voice and a guitar. I also really like that whole vibe (and am a huge T. Swift fan in general), so for me it was perfect. My favorites were "invisible string," "exile" (Bon Iver in that is *chef's kiss* perfection), "the last great American dynasty," "august," and "betty." 



Dear me,

Hey, might as well take this chance to answer my own question right?

Basically, folklore fits beautifully in my taste. I already have an alternative/indie/folk/chill vibes playlist (because sometimes I wanna feel like a coffeehouse hipster, okAY?). I have to say, I don't think her voice is suited for the genre per se, but it was still a really pleasant listen. Obviously I LOVE the low register for Bon Iver. I think the feel of the songs are really sweet and simple, and I'm even more in the mood for fall and ~cardigans~ than I am normally (which is a lot because I'm a basic Utah white chick, but whatever.) (Side note, "cardigan" is actually one of my least favorite songs on the album.) 

My favorites are "invisible string" (SO CUTE, RIGHT?), "exile" (obvs), "betty" (catchy as heck!), "august", and "seven." 




Dear Guesthouse,

I just spent an hour and a half on the phone with one of my friends talking through each song on the album, and we probably could have talked for longer, which is to say, I'm a fan. I definitely think it's one of her best albums. The melancholy vibe is just hitting right, for obvious reasons. My personal faves are invisible string and hoax. 




Dear Guesthouse,

......I didn't really like it very much. Which is frustrating, honestly, because in theory this album fits perfectly into my musical taste. Also, she worked with one of my favorite producers/artists, Jack Antonoff, so my hopes were high. Sadly, I just didn't connect with any of the songs or find them particularly catchy. I finished listening to it with the faint notion that I had somehow already heard these songs, but done better and by smaller artists.

I don't really have any opinion on her as a person, so I don't think me not liking the album has anything to do with her. I'm just not getting all the buzz, I guess.

-Quixotic Kid