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Question #93266 posted on 08/20/2020 11:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Google Docs, or Office 365?

-Inquiring Mindless


Dear Mindful, 

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Google Docs is great for group projects thanks to its collaboration capabilities. Everything autosaves and you can generally see what other people are doing in live time. The comment and chat functions are superb. I never have to worry about saving over someone else's work, unlike with Office Online. Google also has lots of great fonts. I love having my stuff in Drive because I can access it easily from pretty much anywhere. That means if I forget my computer or flashdrive at home on a day I need to print something for class, I don't need to panic. Also, it's ~freeeeee~.

That being said, sometimes Google feels a little bit amateur. It doesn't have all of the "insert" functions, table functions, and other nifty tools that Word Docs have. Office 365 is what I normally use for my school assignments. I like the more official nature of it, and now that I'm a senior there are many papers I write that require in-depth statistical tables, footnotes, annotated bibliographies, and generally complicated formatting that simply cannot be done in Google. I also think that being proficient in Office is a far more important skill for future jobs than being proficient in Google Drive. There are sophisticated shortcuts and workarounds in Office 365 that are unmatched. Unfortunately, if you aren't a student it can be kinda lame to pay for it. 

In my years as a TA I have also found that grading Word Docs on Learning Suite is WAYYYYY easier than grading any other submission type (like a Google Doc turned in as a PDF). Love your TAs and at least download your Google Doc as a Word Doc before you submit it. 




Dear Mindless Squire,

Google Docs all the way. I've already sold my soul to them using Chrome and their other features, might as well ge the most bang for my buck, right? Although I do sometimes wish there were more features editing-wise, it keeps it in one place where I can easily access it.... and so can Google.



Dear Inquiry,

I used to be a hardcore Office fan, but teaching has converted me to Google Docs. It makes it so easy to collaborate with other teachers, which is a big plus, and it also is great for my own ease of being able to work on the same thing across multiple devices (my school laptop, my own personal laptop, my iPad, even my phone if I'm in a pinch). I just can't do that with Office, so I really like Google Docs for that reason.



Dear Inspiring Mildness,

If I hadn't already sold my soul to Google by using Google Docs from 7-12 grade, I definitely did when I bought a Chromebook for my freshman year. When I got a new computer after my mission and could actually use Office 365, I tried using it but I only lasted a semester before I went back to using Google Drive. Force of habit. And yeah, the collaboration is nice. (Also Guesthouse is totally right about Word docs being way easier for TAs in Learning Suite, so if you're using Google Docs, do your TAs a favor and save your assignments as Word docs not PDFs :)




Dear you,

I use Overleaf. Latex for the win!