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Question #93268 posted on 08/26/2020 4:56 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How will the Fall semester be different for you?

-Inquiring Mindless


Dear Inquirer,

This will my first semester being married! And it's gonna be great!





Dear Galaxy Brain, 

- It's my first semester as a married woman. Either this will be awesome because I don't have to worry about whether I have enough time to spend with Pebble, or it will suck because we'll have to deal with each other when we're *really* stressed out with school. I anticipate both of these statements will be true at some point in the semester. 

- All of my courses are online. I HATE online courses with every fiber of every version of my being in every parallel universe. 

- I will have to TA for the Race & Ethnicity course entirely online. I got a taste of that at the end of last semester. It was weird, and I think I have a lot to do to be a better help to students this time around.  

- On that note, I think the Race & Ethnicity courses will be VERY different to teach and TA for this semester given all the protests and BLM support. I'm excited to grade the papers and weekly responses. 

- I'm taking an online Zumba class. I did Zumba in high school and thought it was awesome. I think it will be less awesome to do it over Zoom. I also think Pebble will think it is very funny to live with me when I do Zumba. He will probably tease me for it. We shall see. 

- I don't have to take ANY MORE GEs YAAYYYYY!

- Nobody gets to see my cute school outfits, which makes me sad. Will I start an OOTD thing because I need attention? Probably not. But I've thought about it. 

- I'm a senior, so that means a ~capstone course~! I'm excited to work on a real, big, impressive, intriguing paper that means something to me.  

- I'll be applying to grad schools this fall. SCARY! 




Dear Mindy,

I will be TAing a class that I have never TAed for. I don't think I really understood the class that well in the first place and it will be partially online, so that will be interesting.

I will be taking some completely online classes. I actually didn't hate the transition to online in the Winter so I am cautiously optimistic, but it will definitely be different for me to take a class that has never met in person.

I will only be taking 12 credits because BYU lowered the amount of credits you need to maintain an academic scholarship. I am excited about this.

I will probably spend WAY less time on campus. In the past I've usually spent all day on campus, like from 8am to 6pm or later, but in the fall, I will probably only be on campus when I have to be there.




Dear Inquiring,