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Question #93269 posted on 08/11/2020 2:11 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you carry cash anymore? When is the last time you paid cash for something? What was it?

-Inquiring Mindless


Dear Inquirer Esq., 

I always carry a little bit of cash, typically around $40. I like to have at least one 5, 10, and 20 in my wallet just in case. 

Despite carrying it with me often, I'm pretty sure the last thing I paid for in cash was a pizza at Cheesus Crust food truck in Kahuku, Hawaii last year. It was daaaang good pizza, and the slightly irreverent pizza puns were pretty funny (for example, their website was cheesusdelivers.com which is hilarious. Sadly, based on their Facebook page it appears Covid has taken its toll and they are selling the business.)




Dear Wondering Wanderer,

I usually keep some money in my actual wallet, especially because I think it's good to tip in cash, and I like to give tips when I can. I also have some money in my phone case just "in case". I think it's good to keep some emergency money. I think the last time I paid for something in cash is when my brother and I bought a bookcase from Craigslist and I used the money I had in my wallet and then got Venmo'd for it.



Dear I.M.,

So I just happened to check my honkin' leopard print wallet and I currently have $72 that I haven't bothered to deposit because of baby shower cards. Whoopsies. So yes, I tend to carry around cash because my debit card is persnickety. One time I went to Winco and my debit card kept declining over and over again due to my credit unions error. I freaked out, but thankfully I had enough cash to pay for all of my groceries. Ever since that happened, I want a backup option for Winco since they don't accept credit cards. 

The last time I paid for something in cash was Father's Day cards at the Dollar Tree. I used exact change because I thought it was stupid to use my card for $3 and something cents. I also love getting rid of my pennies so I got rid of some that day!

-Goldie Rose


Dear you,

I generally have around $20. Pretty much the only time I use cash is while camping. However, I did find it interesting that when I went to Japan, pretty much everything was paid for in cash.



Dear Inquiry,

I never carry cash, and haven’t in years. I have no idea when I last paid for something in cash. I’ve heard people say that it’s easier to overspend on a debit card than it is to spend cash, because psychologically we see paying with cash as actually spending money versus just swiping a card, but for me it’s the opposite. If it doesn’t make the balance in my bank account go down I don’t really see it as spending money. So I don’t carry cash because it would just lead to me spending willy nilly on things I don’t actually want to spend on.



Dear reader,

If I have cash, it's because my mom gave it to me. My mom is kind of obsessed with having cash. She always has a random stash somewhere around the house—used to be a cup in the laundry room, now it's a little pouch in her closet. So I usually do have some "just in case" cash in my wallet (my friends are well acquainted with what I call the "mom fund"), but generally I'm like Alta; using cash doesn't feel like actually spending money to me because I don't see my bank account balance drop. I avoid taking cash out because I know once I do, I'll just be like "Well, it's already out of the bank, might as well spend it."

The last time I bought something with cash was when my mom gave me money to buy Thai food for my brother's birthday dinner. In fact, I don't think I can remember the last time I used cash when I wasn't on an errand for my mom. So yeah, if I have cash, it's because my mom gave it to me.




Dear IM,

I used to carry $20 in my wallet, but minnow got me a phone case with a tiny wallet so now I only carry my driver's license and credit card with me.

Also I completely agree with Alta and Cerulean - my credit card seems much more like "money" than hard cash does, since I base everything off my bank account. Funny how views of money change over time; I remember then-BYU President Holland giving a talk where he recommended "plastic surgery" of cutting up one's credit card to avoid overspending. I'm way more likely to overspend with hard cash than with my credit card.

The last time I paid in cash was....you know, I have no idea. I'm guessing some food item...somewhere...?

-guppy of doom