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Question #93276 posted on 08/15/2020 1:20 p.m.

Dear Boardies,

What percentage of you are still BYU students? What percent are alumni writers?

-Not giving up hope for becoming a Writer


Dear Aspiring,

Ardilla, Luciana, Anathema, Alta, Sunday Night Banter, guppy of doom, Spectre, Babalugats, and Goldie Rose are alumni and still current writers. Frére Rubik, Tipperary, Guesthouse, Turbo Teen, Quixotic Kid, Cerulean, Josefina, 9S, Fozzie, and I are still students. So about half and half.

I will note, though, that to apply you do need to be a student at BYU, so hopefully that doesn't disqualify you, we'd love to have more writers!