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Question #93285 posted on 08/25/2020 8:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So I met this guy a while back, we went on a few dates, hit it off, but it turned out that he actually lived across the country. He went back home, but we still talked a bit, flirted a lot, texted, all the things, and this went on for a good long while, and I thought things were going pretty good, but when I put it out there that I liked him, that maybe we should try the long distance thing, he told me I was awesome, but he wasn't into that idea, and that we should just be friends. I was pretty devastated by this, I really liked him, it seemed like he liked me too, but at this point I just felt totally led on, so I kinda cut him off, backed away, haven't talked to him in months.

This last week, he liked a thing that I posted on Instagram, which was weird, mostly because I didn't realize that he was still following me at all. I shrugged it off because I was over him (or so I told myself), and so not about to go back to that. In retrospect, I should have just blocked him then, and forgot about the whole thing, but I didn't. So today, when he commented on a story I had posted, it really through me for a loop.

I should probably still just block him, or ask him myself, but i'm feeling a little vulnerable about the situation still. So my question is this: What might be your motivation for continuing to follow/like/comment on someone you rejected, who your not interested in, and who you are no longer talking to?

-Probably reading too much into this


Dear Yeahhh...,

"(H)e told me I was awesome, but he wasn't into that idea, and that we should just be friends."

That's what he meant. Guys don't usually have an underlying meaning when they're talking to a girl. They just tell it like it is. I feel like most people don't really care for long-distance relationships. I know I've been in several before I was married, and I found them to be really difficult.

If you want to get some space from him, don't let him follow you. Block him if you must, but some of us writers find it to be overly dramatic to block a guy for him not wanting to pursue a relationship with you. But you do you boo.

-Goldie Rose


Dear you,

I'm sorry, because it sucks to like someone who doesn't like you back. I think the most likely scenario here is that he likes you as a friend, and so did a normal friend thing. The gap might have been because he thought you needed space before you were okay with just being friends, or some other similar reason. Or it might have been because he saw your post for the first time a while and remembered how he enjoyed your friendship.