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Question #93292 posted on 09/11/2020 9:27 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What do you think about the large gatherings of people in and around campus? [Insert professional license to rage] What would you do to stop them?



Dear Cosmo,

kimtherespeopledying.gif (source)

 There was a party going on by my house. Pebble almost had to physically restrain me from screaming at them. I know you miss partying, Tyler. But there are people DYING. YOU are the reason the U.S. is a global embarrassment. 

I understand the political dilemma that comes with punishing people for something in a temporary situation like this. It's not popular. That being said, I think BYU has more freedom to enforce rules (given they do it all the time for people whose skirts are too short or wear too many earrings because THAT'S what matters to them.) I don't think having "honor code police" taking down names is very cool (we haven't reached full dystopia... yet). But professors, staff, and security should require students to leave the building if they aren't wearing their masks. It's the "oh, it's okay I guess" laziness that is the reason we can't get ahead of this. 


I do NOT feel guilty for reporting parties to the city. If you're running one (we're looking at you, Kwaku) and there aren't masks, you can BET you're going to get hit with that fine. Grow the heck up and recognize you have a responsibility to your community in a time of crisis. I'm sick of people being so [bleep]ing selfish. 

There is now documented, concrete, verified, META-ANALYSIS EVIDENCE that masks are effective in slowing the spread of the virus. Swallow your pride and put a piece of cloth over your face. It's annoying, it's hot, it's uncomfortable. But it's better than contributing to the suffering and/or death of others. 




Dear Cosmos,

I think BYU (the institution) is taking good precautions, but I think more information about how to protect yourself and others would be really good. BYU campus is doing alright, but there are some things *cough* *cough* Young/Dumb party *cough* *cough* that aren't super good. I think college campuses in general don't do well functioning as they normally do, especially because the classes students take are so varied. One idea that I thought was interesting was having no freshmen on campus, which would have its problems, but sounds like an interesting idea, especially with housing like Helaman Halls.



Dear Cosmo,

It's amazing how unseriously people take this until someone they know gets sick or dies due to Covid. This is one reason I'm grateful I'm not attending BYU next year. Here's the actions my new university are taking, which I wish BYU would take a few notes from:

  • Most undergraduates aren't allowed on campus (this would have to be adjusted for BYU, since they're mostly an undergrad institution, but they could take a leaf out of BYUH's book and just have online classes this semester);
  • Weekly free required Covid tests;
  • Nearly all classes are online;
  • Only people wearing proper school IDs are allowed on campus;
  • Visitors aren't allowed in others' apartments and you have to inform the school if you're traveling outside the area (which sucks since minnow and I are back to long-distance and this means we can't visit each other, but better safe than sorry);
  • Daily self check-in of any Covid symptoms (I think there's an app for this?);
  • Required masks on campus; and
  • No large gatherings.

I won't lie, a lot of it is kind of frustrating (especially since minnow and I can't visit each other this upcoming semester), but ultimately it's worth it, because it will literally save lives. I have a friend who has not left her house, except for doctors appointments, since March because she has no immune system, and I am more than happy to do these inconvenient things if it means people like her don't die.

-guppy of doom