"I like fiery passion, actually." - Olympus

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Yesterday on my way to a date I turned on the radio to the country station 93.7 "the Wolf," and the song "10,000 hours" was playing. Decent song, so I listened to the rest of it. But then the same song started playing AGAIN. Which is the first time I've ever heard the same song play twice in a row on the radio. I decided to just listen to the rest of it again, which is how I discovered that the song was just playing on repeat. I first heard it around 6:15 pm, and when I was on my way home at around 9:00 pm it was still playing. I can only assume that it played nonstop during my date, that it continued to play after I got home, and that it had been playing for quite some time before I even heard it in the first place. I personally heard it play at least 18 times. No radio ads, no little jingles about the radio station, just "10,000 hours."

What the heck happened? Please help me find out. I'm so curious.



Dear Pear,

Lucky for you, The Board is omniscient. It turns out that there was a power outage at a transmitter site and the link went down. They have a jump drive with back up music that should have played for hours, but it glitched and played 10,000 Hours on repeat. 

Why didn't they fix the problem quicker? Well, it turns out that particular transmitter site is only accessible by a long hike, helicopter, or strong donkey.

-Sunday Night Banter