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Question #93355 posted on 11/06/2020 10:46 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This question hasn't been posed for about a decade so I might as well ask again. What do you think about asking out your TA?
Any tips for the end of the semester?

-Thoughts, Suggestions, Advice


Dear Thinker, 

While I appreciate the gesture, I am a happily married woman and thus must turn down your advances.




Dear you,

While you're in their class, certainly not.
If you've moved on from the class and you can think of a way to ask considerately? Shoot your shot, then move on.


--Ardilla Feroz

P.S. Going 100% against what I have just said, Alta, a former TA said a student asked her out on the back of a quiz or something--I think I'm getting the details wrong here, sorry Alta--but she said it was incredibly awkward, and please don't do that.


Dear Aziraphale,

Speaking as a former TA, please don't. Additionally, BYU has a policy that TA's aren't allowed to date their students, so it's not an option anyways.



Dear TSA,

Please listen to the first 54 seconds of this song.

-Former TA, Goldie Rose


Dear Think,

I have heard many a tale of students asking out their TA's. I would say that  99%+ of those have ended badly. It usually ends up being weird, creepy, awkward, or all of the above.

As Anathema said, dating your current TA's is not allowed. Also, TA hours generally aren't great ways to get to know someone. So this often leads to a student having a crush and TA-stalking someone for 4+ months, and then asking them out the TA who doesn't even know them. As you can see this is a very problematic dynamic. It's unnatural, one-sided, awkward, and quite often legitimately creepy.

So my suggestion is that you don't ask anyone out if that's the dynamic going on. If you're actually normal human friends with a person and they just happen to be your TA that might be a different story next semester. But I would say that as a rule the answer is a very hard no for all the reasons stated above.




Dear you,

Go all out. Next semester, when they are no longer your TA.

-Sunday Night Banter