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Question #93365 posted on 10/28/2020 7:14 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So I had avoided the remote-work and remote-school up until now, but I'm doing everything remote. I am quite the extrovert and am use to moving around all day. Any tips for not going insane?

-Person in a PersonTank


Dear half-full,

A pretty similar thing happened to me when I moved back home for the summer. I wouldn't say that I found an optimal strategy or anything that I would call a "new normal", but it did help me realize the types of things that help support me, especially time that I have to walk around, and also set times to talk with friends. I would suggest trying to figure out what sorts of activities give you the most support, and putting those into your day. Try calling people, going on nice 5-10 minute walks, possibly discovering a fun little hobby, or learning a new sport. I think especially during times like these, we are given an opportunity and burden to build our support structure from the ground up. In a lot of ways, this has helped me realize a lot of good things about myself, though it has been, admittedly, a struggle and at times overwhelming. It does get better, though, and your support people are most important in times like this.

Best of luck,



Dear Aziraphale,

Move around during your breaks. Use messaging systems to reach out to coworkers--and be sure to include some non-work related comments there. It's important to have some semblance of normal chatting that would go on in an office. 

If possible, try and get some form of human interaction outside of school and work.

Good luck my friend; this is a really difficult situation to live through.