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Question #93385 posted on 12/07/2020 9:56 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What elective class do you wish had been offered at your high school?

-Falconry, but realistically computer science


Dear Falconer,

I think a ceramics classes would be cool. My school already had a kiln, but we just did a little bit of sculpting with clay, and I really loved being able to do ceramics in college.



Dear you,

Personal finance. The family finance class I took at BYU was by far the most useful and practice course I took, and I think a lot of people could benefit from learning those principles at an early age.




Dear you-hoo,

I had two experiences when it came to high school electives. I went to a really low-income high school for my first three years. (No I didn't go to high school in Utah.) They cut all electives including choir and drama. I was so bummed. (We did have a theatre club that I was in.) But for some reason, I was able to take marine biology my junior year and each group had our own tanks of fish? We had a sea anemone, clown fishies, and an eel! But hey, it was considered a science!

Then we moved and in my senior year of high school I was able to take choir, floral design, theatre, and anatomy (for fun, bad idea). I would have loved to take a class to improve my drawing and painting skills, that would have been so fun. I also agree with Spooklings and wish we had ceramics. But I hate getting my nails dirty so maaaaybe I wouldn't have liked it as much? 

-Goldie Rose


Dear Falconry,

Same, computer science.




Dear you,

Positive psychology or well-being (as outlined by Martin Seligman and his colleagues).

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear friend,

I am so jealous of people that had robotics teams at their high school.




Dear Aziraphale,

I didn't really wish for electives that didn't exist at my high school, but I did wish for actually good versions of some of those existing electives. I participated in theater, which was super fun! Except my high school theater program was terrible. Seriously, I took private voice lessons my senior year of high school, and my vocal teacher openly admitted that my high school was the absolute worst out of any she had ever experienced when it came to theater. And since she coached many students going to many different high schools, she was familiar with a broad range of schools. So I wish an actually good theater class/program had been available