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Question #93390 posted on 11/07/2020 8:44 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I love language learning, and I like using Duolingo to learn vocabulary. Sadly, my life is nuts and Duolingo often gets bumped down on the list of motivation.

What I've found really helps, is when I have someone else I'm competing with. I've got a ton of points because there was a month where every day, one friend on Duolingo passed me pointswise, and so I had to do Duolingo right away to pass her.

My family and friends on Duolingo currently won't compete because they don't use the app that much, but do you or anyone you know use Duolingo daily or almost daily, and would be interested in competing with me?

If so, I'm Sarah3375.


-Zwerg Zwei


Dear Owl Fearin' Citizen,

It doesn't look like any of us use the ol' Lingo. I do know one or two Board alumni who might be interested, though, so if you email me at ardilla.feroz@theboard.byu.edu I'll see if I can't reach out them, since I wouldn't be able to post their usernames here. I have no idea if they'll be up for it, mind you--but I'll definitely ask.


--Ardilla Feroz