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Question #93399 posted on 11/09/2020 11:32 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Hi guys I just traveled to Colombia and there was a really relevant Product there, I thinks everybody buy that product at least 1 time per 3 days, is something crazy, Is there any colombia people who can tell me why is that product that relevant?

For you wondering the product is this Chocoramo, Its like a cake covered by chocolate, I tried to make it here by my own from this recipe Chocoramo Receipt but my result was awfull I'm not worth it for cooking hahaha

- Paulo Andres


Dear Paulo,

Chocoramos are relevant and popular in Colombia because they taste delicious and are often eaten as an accompaniment to coffee for breakfast, or as a snack with a Pony Malta drink. Its chocolaty exterior and cakey guts have made it popular for over fifty year. I found a Prezi presentation on the history of the Chocoramo—La Historia del Chocoramo, if you're interested.


If you'd like to try a Chocoramo for yourself (again, maybe? It sounds like you've had it), you can buy it on Amazon, online at Zocalo Foods (an "online Latin food market") or, perhaps most easily, at your local Latino or South American market.


--Ardilla Feroz