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Question #93401 posted on 11/06/2020 9:56 p.m.

Dear 2020 Board,

Election predictions? Off-the-cuff is fine.

-quasi mordo


Dear qm,

My official prediction was Biden 274 to Trump 264. It doesn't look like my numbers will quite line up, but it is looking like Biden will squeak by 270. Although, I definitely thought Trump was in a pretty good position after winning Florida and Texas.

Here was my initial thinking:


-Sunday Night Banter


Dear Quasi,

It's SOO close right now. But as of 3 November 2020 at 9:49 p.m., I predict that Biden will win, just barely. First time I vote for someone as president will win!


-Goldie Rose


Dear QM,

I had an election night party (by which I mean, I made chili for the four people I still see on a regular basis, and we stayed up until 3 am watching network coverage and doom-scrolling on twitter). Before the beginning of the night, I was feeling pretty good about a Biden win. I thought it was likely that he would win by a pretty decent margin, although I was still nervous enough about it to force my friends to watch with me. As far as stretch goals, I thought there was even, like, a 15% chance that Texas would turn blue.

I was wrong and I spent election night very worried.

As of the night of November 4th, I think Biden is going to win, but the margin is way closer than I expected it to be.