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Question #93439 posted on 12/15/2020 7:14 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why are the doors to the outside patios in the JFSB always locked? I don't mind sitting out in the snow or the cold.

-Locked in


Dear locked down,

I think that BYU just always locks the doors for the winter, no matter the year. If you'd like access, I think the only way would be to ask a friendly janitor, but even then, I don't know if they would be allowed to let you out. Otherwise, you can do the next best thing which is to go to that nice lounge area on the east side on the fourth floor, or just find an open room; there's usually plenty, especially right next to that lounge room on the north side.

-Inklings, whose favorite place is the JFSB terrace