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Question #93484 posted on 02/14/2021 6:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I am a female BYU student and I want to shave my head. Do you think this is too extreme for the honor code, which says to "avoid extremes in styles or colors?" I would probably shave it after Winter semester so it would have a little time to grow out until Fall. Any other thoughts on women shaving their heads?

-Buzzed Lighthair


Dear Buzz,

I think you could probably get away with it. Less and less people are super picky about that kind of thing. Also, if it does grow out by Fall, you'll have enough to qualify as a 'pixie cut' basically, which I *know* they can't get mad about. 

You should be allowed to do whatever you want with your hair, that's what I think. The Honor Code has some sensible parts, but most of the grooming standards are absolute trash, and pretty intolerant too. 




Dear friend,

DO IT DO IT DO IT. (For what it's worth, I don't think they would have a problem with it.)




Dear To The Rescue,

I have known more than one female BYU students with shaved heads. One of those friends shaved her head because she had a purple mohawk she wanted to get rid of before fall semester. I say go for it.

Get it, get it, girl!

-Quixotic Kid


Dear Buzz Lightyear,

Like the other writers, I think you should do it. I would, however, recommend having some sort of explanation for why you did it so you can explain that it's not an extreme hair style. I doubt you'll be asked, but better safe than sorry.

-Sunday Night Banter

Dear Buzzzzz,
I literally clicked on a stinking link on Twitter on my phone earlier today that took me to an honor code page that had this quote... 
"One of my female students has shaved her head. Do I have a responsibility here?
Yes, faculty have a responsibility in this situation! A girl shaving her head, a guy dying his hair bright blue, or any other extreme fashion is not appropriate for representatives of the Church and the University." (source)
But then when I looked for it on my laptop I couldn't find it anywhere! When I put that quote in Google, it wouldn't take me to the Honor Code Faculty Information page. But it was quoted on Wikipedia under one of the citations. Only place I was able to find the original page was on archive.org. Then of course when I went to my search history I couldn't find it, nor the tweet. Dumb. 
So as long as it's grown out enough and you don't shave it again before going back, you should be good.
-Goldie Rose
posted on 02/15/2021 12:21 p.m.
Just wanted to add that shaving my head got me an honor code violation when I was an RA at BYU. So uh, just make sure you grow it back out before fall semester unless you want the most irritating and nonsensical reason to get an honor code violation.

-spooky ghost of Van Goff