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My omniscient friends,
I have heard an unconfirmed report that Thomas Jefferson has been sealed to Sally Hemmings and her/their children. Can you please confirm or deny this assertion?
- The Skeptical Virginian

A: Dear Skeptical Virginian,

I confess that I was originally inclined to think you quite gullible and the victim of Mormom legend of Single's Ward proportion. However, after a little searching on FamilySearch.org, I hereby confirm that the rumor appears to be true, at least insofar as Sally Hemmings is concerned (There are no records of her/their children).

I say only that it APPEARS to be true because Thomas Jefferson's record lists Sally as a wife, but has no date or place of marriage, which implies that the marriage was not performed while they were living...in other words, it suggests that they were sealed. Of course, these records were not all compiled by a divine hand -- the individual submitters are vulnerable to human error. However, it appears to be true, so HURRAH!

-A less skeptical Utahn