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Question #961 posted on 10/15/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm in Math 113 right now. If the math department applied logic to their course numbering system, one would think Math 113 (a GPA-killer) would fall sequentially after Math 119 (hard, but not as hard as 113). How are course numbers decided? Is there any system to the madness? I hope the answer isn't some horrible indefinite integral.

- EEE-Rock

A: Dear EEE-Rock,
Yes normally the numbering system makes sense and goes (somewhat) in order of easier classes to tougher classes. But once upon a time, the math department decided to revamp their math courses and throw in a Calculus course that was below the 113 level (like a pre-calc/calc course) but they didn't want to move the preexisting numbers so they created Math 119. This was another plot to terribly confuse the student body.
- Scout