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Question #9903 posted on 11/08/2004 4:10 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How can I make my wrists look bigger? I have made my biceps and forearms large by excercising them, but my wrists look like little girl wrists.


A: Dear D'oh!,
You can only do so much. If you've ever taken a look at a bodybuilder or a pro wrestler, you'd notice that their muscles get so huge that their hands look tiny. You can't change your bone structure that much. But you can do wrist curls with small hand-held weights to help build up your wrists a little bit. The other solution is to stop lifting and get scrawny like me. Then your wrists don't look too small at all.

A: Dear D'oh,

Why would you want larger wrists? It'll just make the rest of your arms look relatively smaller.

A: Dear Female Deer,
You can wear sleeves or long gloves that are striped in the same direction as your arm. You can also get implants. Really.