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Question #27284 posted on 11/05/2002 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What are the limits on personal space? Why am I so uncomfortable when a person stuffs his legs all the way under my desk in the computer labs? Is it really weird that people do that, or is it just me?
--Captain Obvious

A: Dear Captain Obvious,
You are not strange in thinking that other people invade your private space. You are what we call "American." This means that you need a little bubble of about two meters around you at all times. In close situations this bubble may be extended to about a meter, but no more. We even keep a good two feet in between us when we dance, for pete's sake. So when someone suddenly is in that bubble, you freak. It's normal, and those other people must be from Europe. Or Asia. Or any other place in the world, since only Americans need so much personal space. And we're proud of it.
Question #27282 posted on 11/05/2002 midnight

Dar 100 Hour Board,
I hav a rally bad problm, my computr dosn't sm to b working proprly. What is wrong and how can I fix it?

A: Dear Bobjo,
Check the loose nut between the keyboard and the computer.
A: Dear Bobjo,
I think your e key is broken.
--The Karate Kid from Mapleton
A: Dear Bobjo,
R U on IM? :-7~ Or just from Arkansas?
--Arkansas Man
Question #27277 posted on 11/05/2002 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
BYU accepts approximately 51% women and 49% men. However, in most singles wards, there is nearly a 2 to 1 ratio of girls to guys, respectively. Logic would dictate that if half the people coming in are boys and half the people coming in are girls, then half the people in the wards are boys and half are girls. Yet there is this discrepancy among males and females in the ward. I'm not complaining, I happen to be a guy, I'm just wondering how that works out. And don't give me the answer that the boys are married and the girls are not because that wouldn't factor into the question, the percentages would be the same. And don't say that the reason is that boys go on missions because each year you get approximately the same amount leaving on a mission as coming home. I am looking for an answer like "Mormon girls are like praying mantisses, eating their mates after they have dated them" or something along those lines. WHERE DID THEY ALL GO???????
-Obscenely longwinded

A: Dear Obscenely longwinded,
The ratio is more like 1 1/2 to 1.

First thing to realize is that BYU singles wards are not exclusively for BYU students. They also cover any single adults living in BYU housing. So in any given BYU ward, you have a significant number of students of other schools (ie, UVSC), and even many non-students. About 1/4 of the girls in my sister's ward are not BYU students, and in my ward it's over 1/3. There are much fewer non-BYU-student men. And on top of this, I know a lot more guys than girls that live at home and go to church with their families (or a non-BYU singles' ward), thus they don't show up in the numbers. I also know a lot more guys than girls who are less-/in-active (even at BYU).

Second thing is that there are more married male BYU students than female. The logical cause for this is that the majority of males graduate 2 years later than the females. Since most students marry someone within a year of their own age, there's a 1 to 3 year period in which a man is still a student but his wife has already graduated. And then there are a lot more [usually married] men in graduate school than women. So there are all these married males in the BYU population, with single females balancing them out to keep the ratio about 50%.

Enjoy it while you can, man.
-Playing the Numbers Game
A: Dear big-mouth,
So, first of all your logic is flawed as to why we couldn't say that the boys are married or whatever since only about 25% of married BYU students are married to other BYU students...so much for that. But, every ward is not 1:1 ratio or better guys:girls (that doesn't mean the ratio is "better" for guys, it just means the number on the right is higher than the other; people have complained about that in the past), my ward is 7:5 guys : girls. There are some wards with worse ratios (i.e. the number on the left is higher). So anyway, that's the real story, there are lots of married people, and the ratios aren't always what people think. BUT, you didn't want the real answer, you want the classic 100 hour board fabricated answer, so here it is:
There is a government conspiracy to frustrate BYU girls so they fake male applicants in order to fill the university's quota of men, but the guys don't actually go to the school. This government agency (codename: FBLA -- Frustrate Brigham's Ladies Agency) even goes so far as to plant men in classes so attendance is consistent! It's crazy, but it's true. Anyway, our only hope is to fight fire with fire, so start tons of fake applications from females to balance it out, then go to tons of classes as if you were a girl (if you are a girl, go as yourself) and sign the roll for all the fake people you registered for. If you are caught, we will disavow all knowledge of your existence...don't forget your cyanide pill.
-Les Frogs Espions
A: Dear Long on words and short on thoughts,
Marriage is the answer! Do you think that BYU guys exclusively marry BYU girls? If so, you are greatly mistaken. Have you never heard the statistics for graduating students? Each year about 60% of the graduating men are married, as compared to about 35% of the graduating women. There is fluctuation is these numbers, but the percent of men married always out numbers the percent of women married by a significant margin. This means men must be marrying women who are not BYU students, otherwise the percents of male and female graduating students would be the same. I don't know how you came to the conclusion that the number of married men at BYU has no effect on the number of men attending singles' wards, because the correlation should be pretty obvious.
-Der Berliner