There is no music in hell, for all good music belongs to heaven. ~Brigham Young
Question #23112 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear My World & The Right Reverend Rusky Roo,

Pertaining to Board Question #23001, if Misaneroth were still around, he could have answered immediately, no questions asked, because he learned this song (called "The Voice of the Shephard") in Primary when his dad was the Primary chorister.

- she who still remembers most of the songs in the Children's Songbook

Question #23106 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear :::Latro:::

It makes me incredibly sad that you are leaving. Afterall, you are the one who got me hooked on the board...and the first writer I figured out. You'll be missed.

- mj

Question #23066 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How should you feel if your boyfriend has a better taste in clothes than you do? Being Miss America, I feel like I should know more. But I feel like the hobo on the street when it comes to the clothes that I own, he knows a lot more. Should I develop a complex to explain it? Should I be embarassed and take classes?

- Miss America

A: Dear Miss America,

Don't take classes; just ask for his advice. (And take it.) And take pride in your non-traditional relationship.

If you do feel the need gain education to "make up" for your lack of expertise, I'd say learn how to do something traditionally masculine, like car repair or construction or logging. Don't try to beat him at his own game.

- Katya
Question #23065 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I've recently become a resident of Utah (my job has forced me to give my Ohio residency which in itself is a tragedy). At any rate I've been very, very disappointed with some of the laws that the Utah State Legislature is debating and I would like to write/call my congressmen to let them know exactly how I feel. I live east of campus in the tree streets. Could you please tell me who my congressmen are and I how I can get a hold of them? Thanks.

- Thinks the government should mind their own business and stop meddling in the affairs of the people

A: Dear I agree about the Utah Legislature,

Your state senator is Curtis S. Bramble from district 16 ( You can contact him by email at

Your state representative is Stephen D. Clark from district 63 ( You can contact him by email at

Other methods of contact are listed on the webpages given.

Question #23050 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

how in the world are all of the clocks synchronized? is there an electronic signal that is broadcast and keeps them all together, or is it just lucky timing?


A: My Dearest Friend of Tick,

This question has previously been addressed in Board Question #922. The clocks are synchronized on the hour, and most of them keep pretty good time within the hour, so they don't need much adjustment when the top of the hour comes.

-The Right Reverend Rusky Roo
Question #23039 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I need help finding an old Nike commercial. I believe that it originally aired during the 2002 winter olympics. There is no commentary, and it is a colage of various sports being performed and transitioning seamlessly from one to the next. I believe that the music is played by a piano. Very inspirational. I've tried my best with no luck. I appreciate any help. You guys are great.

- GE

A: Dear GE,

I think the commercial you are looking for is called "Move". It can be found, along with some further information, at

Question #23023 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Does chewing gum change the temperature in your mouth at all? I've noticed that after I've been chewing gum for a while, cold water is especially frigid and ice cream is almost impossible to eat. I thought it might just be the mint flavor or something, but then when my sister was giving blood, they took her mouth temperature and then asked her if she had been chewing gum. What's all that about?

- Clover

A: Dear Clover,

Yes, it does. Since the jaw, cheek, and tongue muscles are moving in the process of chewing gum, the blood flow to the area, and thus the temperature, increases. This is why one is not supposed to exercise, smoke, or chew gum before taking the temperature of the mouth.

I tried to think of something to make this response clever and witty, I really did. Clearly, I failed. But at least you have an answer.

Question #23006 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have you ever seen Love's Enduring Promise? It was put on by the Hallmark Channel and is based on a book series. This show is extremely clean and I would recommend it to anyone. Furthermore, the guy who plays Willie, Logan Bartholomew, is extremely good-looking, and I was wondering if you know if any of the other stuff he's done is any good?

- Future Mrs. Bartholomew

A: Dear Future Mrs. Bartholomew,

Never seen it, but IMDB has good new for you: That's right, there's a sequel! Love's Long Journey, from 2005, also featured Logan Bartholomew as Willie LeHay. Do try to get it for Valentine's Day.

Logan Bartholomew also appears in Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don't and Nearing Grace (which both appear to also be TV movies), and, unfortunately, American Wedding.

-A. A. Melyngoch-Law (as in Jude)
Question #22995 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

One of my older brothers (about ten years or so my senior) has a beard. The very tip of his beard below his lower lip is starting to turn white. I say it's because of premature graying in our family, but he has a different theory. He claims that sloppily brushing his teeth has slowly bleached away the color. Is this even possible? Can toothpaste really bleach hair?

- Mania

A: My Dearest Craze,

I am interested in this, because I have a beard. My beard is very dark, yet below my lower lip the hair could be considered blond, translucent, or white. This occurs to a varying degree on the chin, and mustache regions. I am a youngling, and therefore have no problems with gray hair, nor will I for about 40 years if the family trend continues. I also brush my teeth very carefully, and I do not get toothpaste on my face. I will therefore attribute the white color of his facial hair to the lack of melanin in that region.

It is not impossible for toothpaste to be the culprit, yet it is very improbable. Some toothpastes do include "whitening" ingredients such as peroxide, but these ingredients would have little effect on hair considering their diluted state, and short period of exposure.

-The Right Reverend Rusky Roo
A: Dear Mania,

I would also imagine that even if it was toothpaste that was bleaching the hair, the root of the hair would still be his natural color. Unless he was really purposely getting the toothpaste into the hair, I would think just the front of the hair would be bleached, if it was all.

Um... I don't know if that made sense. I know what I meant though.

- Lavish
Question #22985 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What's your opinion on dating nonmembers?

- swish

A: Dear what you do with mouthwash,

Well...don't everyone jump on me...but if you're interested in marrying in the temple, dating people who don't belong to the LDS faith isn't really what you want to do, in my opinion. It's really true: you marry who you date. You date, emotion happens...and, as a general authority once said (I believe it was Elder John K. Carmack), "You can't expect the Lord to lead you away from someone once you're emotionally committed."

Don't get me wrong. Someone very close to me (as in family close) does not believe in our faith and married someone who does - someone who does very strongly, in fact. They are wonderful together and I'm so happy they found each other. However, they haven't been married in the temple, and I know she (the member) longs for and hopes for that to happen someday. I just feel that for myself, I always wanted to date men of our faith because not only would we be able to go to the temple together, but we agree on A LOT of important things that being of the same faith brings out. And it happened, and I'm happy.

That's my opinion. Yup.

A: Dear What Happens Every time I Shoot A Basketball,

I grew up in a very, very small town in the east where I was one of only four members in my high school. When I started dating I only dated non-members for a really long time. In fact the first time with a member was probably about a half a year into my freshman year here at BYU. I always had a very fun time with my friends of other faiths and when I'm home I still spend lots of time with them, and often I go out with one of my best friends who happens to be a female (I also usually pay when I am with her).

Basically I've dated lots of non-members in the past and since I'm still single I'll probably date non-members in the future. That said I've always seen a difference in "people that I date because they are fun to be around and I always have a good time with them" and "people that I date because they could be the future Mrs. Brutus." It is important to date people to marry, but it is equally important date fun people who are different from you so you can learn from different types of situations. Please excuse the random venting again. One of the biggest things that really annoyed me when I first came to BYU (and still annoys me now) is members refusing to look at any non-member they see here on campus as more than simply "a future convert" or "someone who is not a member of my church and they go to a church school anyway so I'm going to avoid them and shun them as much as possible since I'm only here to get married and associate with members of my faith." (Also don't email me and tell me that this isn't true here at BYU -- you are wrong and I don't care). These people want to be social here, too and going out on one date with a nonmember who asks you isn't going to affect your external salvation (but being a self righteous jerk will).

Whew! Sorry about that. Basically what I'm saying is that yes it is important to marry someone who will take you to the temple, but don't not be good, good friends with our friends of different faiths.

-- Brutus (who wishes he could take a Catholic to the temple.)
A: Dear Swish:

I agree with Brutus. However, I grew up in a with a fairly LDS populated town, so dating non-members wasn't really the norm among my high school cohorts. But I didn't see a problem with it because I think that the best missionary work is done by example. What kind of example is "Um, no, I won't date you or give you the time of day because you're not Mormon. Heaven forbid I'm in high school and not getting married for five years, but to only LDS people I go. . ." I would have rather been a good example by saying yes, then hanging out with them and showing them just how fun and non-judgemental a good mormon girl can be. Heck, maybe that good example will cause them to invite the missionaries in next time they come over. I never liked coming off as stuck up, and I thought some of my friends did when they turned others down flat because of their religion. Then again, I dated someone who had a blue mohawk in high school. . .

HEY! He was soooo smart!

A: Dear swish,

I can't give a categorical "no," just because I have to view people as people and not as members of a binary category, but I don't think it very likely that I would do so. I really want to marry (and be married to) someone who is an active member of the LDS Church, and I don't think it would be fair for me to date a non-member, hoping he would convert. I'd rather date someone for who they are, not for who I'd like them to be.

See also Board Question #4114 and Board Question #9379.

- Katya
A: Dear swish,

Dating non-members is fine. It's not what is BEST. Frankly, given the option of making and keping Temple covenants is far more appealing to me than wondering if theremight have been more. I won't even date guys who didn't go on missions, never mind non-members. Also helps if they're Eagle Scouts, though that's a less strict requirement.I feel fine not budging because I'm a convert and appreciate and accept all the truths of the restored Gospel. I'd rather not take myself out of the Celestial Kingdom running because some guy is just soooo dreamy.

-la bamba
A: Dear swish,

Flirt to convert.

A: Dear swish,

My opinion doesn't really matter...THE LORD'S DOES.

A: Dear Cleaning Product Effects Anonymous,

Considering that I'm considering dating one right now, I cannot equivocably say, "No way." Yes, you do marry who you date, but if I'd been a culturally-anal Mormon two years ago, a friend of mine wouldn't have been baptized and wouldn't currently be serving a mission in Belgium. No, not planning on marrying him, and not dating him right now, either.

On the one hand, I just saw a friend of mine "settle" for the guy who loves her who's not a member and who she has hopes of changing. He's a very stubborn Catholic, and I don't see him converting for a minimum of ten years, if ever. I saw on mission, the "widow's club" pew of women whose husbands never joined the Church, and decided never to be part of that club.

So you might be asking if I'm so sure of that, why am I thinking of dating a non-member? Answer: Because I love him, he loves me, and he is one of those people that currently seems to be literally only a foot away from the font, if he only knew that a font was there to be had, and what it was. Flirt to convert? Not necessarily; he's had a bunch of good examples and right now there are new changes in his life and he's open to a lot, though morally more-grounded than 99% of the RM's I know, and he thoroughly respects my standards, me, and everything that I stand for. (So, he's in Prime time, missionary-mode wise for me.) That, and I barely started talking to him this week after losing contact with him since high school and before that, elementary school. Second chances, eight years later(high school time table).

So, I wouldn't mind dating him, but before anything got really serious, ... I've dumped guys because of the Church before, although he currently is in a true "possibilities" category. Once he leaves that category, we will only be friends, whether I love him or not. So yes, the Church really IS that important to me.
But so is his eternal salvation. No, I will not dump him straight-out if he doesn't change immediately,(isn't agency a lovely thing?) but at the rate he's going, he's changing himself faster than I ever could, anyway. Now THOSE are the non-member dates that I consider worthwhile.

Fast and the Furious,
Lady Last Line
PS. In case you didn't get it, I will ONLY marry in the temple, and I will not be the cause of someone converting. They figure it out with God; I'm just here to clarify questions.
Question #22979 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have naturally wavy hair. It is thin, but there is a lot of it. I am from the Eastern United States, and when out there, my hair tends to somehow attract the humidity in the air and curls without any help. Out here, or at least whenever it's not raining, it seems rather too dry to get it have that much bounce without a lot of effort. When I use some conditioners, (henna-based) they seem to aid in curl-production, but today, when using KMS, my hair is flat, limp, and otherwise non-responsive.

I wash my hair every day so that it will be clean, and do not intend on washing every other day because it gets gross if I try that.

So, are there any recommendations for products that help a girl who doesn't have time to blow-dry, and needs something that can be wash-and-go, even in freezing cold weather?

Yes, I know I'm asking a lot, but this is the Board. Help!

Pela, hair-improvement-pro (I wish!)

A: Dear Pela,
Try using Dove's Smooth & Soft Anti-Frizz Cream but *only* on the ends of your hair.
On less-frizzy days, try Straight & Soft Sleek Styling Cream.

Just remember to not use the cream on the roots of your hair, since that will weigh your hair down and otherwise make it look greasy. Good luck!
-la bamba
A: Dear Pela,

Hmph. Move to Indiana.

Your hair sounds like mine, except that mine is thick and out of control, so I have to squish it down before I can do anything else. But you don't want to squish yours, so enough about me. I'm going to recommend Pantene Pro-V.'s "Curl Shaper Anti-Frizz Creme" even though I feel dirty even writing such an ugly name.

There. Ugh.

-A. A. Melyngoch
A: Dear Pela,

I use Joico's I.C.E. Whip mousse to give my hair more body. (You see, I get this inexplicable urge to make my hair as big as possible sometimes, though it doesn't really need much help with that.) It's a mousse you can only buy in salons, but it's fantastic. I love it.

Question #22967 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What gets Horatio fired up? I just love reading that guy's rants.

- Why doesn't Horatio have a fan club?

A: Dear There Should Be... Hmm... I'll have to think 'bout that... (I mean, should I really be starting my own fan club?)

I have yet to make a comprehensive list of things that get me fired up. Many have pointed out that I am opinionated, but there is no authoritative list. But, I guess I could list some of them here for you. I'm glad you enjoy my rants. But, here are some things that get me fired up... in no particular order:

-Far-left leaning Democrats
-Public Drunkenness
-Ok... Drunkenness in general
-Carnies (circus folk... small hands)
-Movies with absolutly pointless sex scenes
-Spring Skiing
-False Doctrine (or "Space Doctrine")
-People who try to back up their space doctrine using only one isolated quote from Bruce R. McConkie (often from before he was an apostle)
-Silly Criticisms of the Church
-Silly Criticisms of BYU (for both, intelligent and respectful criticism is always acceptable)
-The "weird" side of BYU and Mormon Culture
-Hilary Clinton (Can I just say: "They run the House like a plantation... you know what I mean..." [as said at a MLK Day event])
-Howard Dean (Hiyyyyaaaaah!!!!)
-John Kerry ("I would be a better president... but I can't tell you how...")
-People who bash George W. Bush without ever reading or watching one of his speeches
-Weird Mormon Art
-Middle East Politics
-People who think Arab = Terrorist
-Group Stupidity(which can sometimes lead others to descriminate against that group or others similar... racism for example)
-Dennis Kucinich (on my list of Top Ten People who should not reproduce)
-Michael Moore (who has sullied the word "documentary" by passing overt political campaigning as impartial documentaries, also on the list mentioned above)
-False Doctrine
-Undeserved Self Righteousness
-Overt Mormon Commercialism ("Stripling Warriors, Momma's Boys"... yeah... wretching in my face mask)
-Mormon Pop Music... with a few rare exceptions
-People who bear their testimony saying: "I know Janice Kapp Perry is true."
-Extreme right-wing conservatives (I mean really people... relax).
-Israeli policies toward the Palestinian people for the entire last century
-Ariel Sharon... and the words "man of peace" used anywhere referring to him (one of my beefs with Bush).
-The Late Yassir Arafat - I used to like him a lot, but I realised that he was a greedy and dishonest tyrant. I am glad he finally passed away... for the sake of his people.
-The Isreal-Palestine conflict in all its intricate details... sigh...
-Brown paper packages tied up with string (I mean... who uses string anymore?)
-Barbara Streisand
-Susan Sarandon
-People who Lie
-Silly Reasons to go Inactive
-Illegal Immigration
-US Immigration Policy (we need a guest worker program)
-Grammar worse than my own (which is a pretty wide berth)
-Feminist criticisms of the church
-Homosexual criticisms of the church
-Apple Computers (fired up in a good way)
-Windows (fired up in a badway... but I can still get work done)
-People who, when I'm walking, drive like I drive when I'm driving and others are walking
-Rap Ringtones (give me silly polyphonic tunes any day... I have a plethora of them).

Um... well... that is quite a list. I know... random stuff. If you think I have missed anything, feel free to E-mail me and add to the list. Or, if you want to get me fired up, feel free to ask a question.

That is all.


PS: Any ideas on making a Horatio-tastic Fan Club? Maybe I should ask Optimistic... his fan club seems to be up and running.
A: Dear Horatio,


- Lavish
A: Dear Horatio, as well as the devoted readers of the Board,

There's nothing wrong with creating your own fan club. After all, if you don't say anything, you won't get what you want. It's all about being assertive. Don't be bashful.

For once in my life, I wasn't, and look at me now! I have my own fan club!

- Optimistic.
A: Dear Lavish (and all others among the curious),

"Spiders" comes from the infamous list of things that drive my sister crazy. She decided that all things she dislikes fall into four categories:


I thought you would like to know. Props to Horatio's Sister (who is VERY cold right now).

As a follow-up, I am officially creating the Horatio-tastic Fan Club. If you would like to be among the first to join, please E-mail me and tell me why YOU should be an inaugural member of the Official Horatio Fan Club. We may even have members-only "Meet Horatio" lunches... but I would have to attend while wearing a funky mask...

That is all (again).

A: Dear Horatio,

I just want to say I'm glad you put "I know Janice Kapp Perry is true" following "People who bear their testimony" on your list. Had you just left it as "People who bear their testimony"...

A: Dear Why,


-la bamba
Question #22956 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was reading the Guinness Book of World Records web site and I read that the record for eating 3 Jacob's Cream Crackers is approx. 49 seconds. That seems like a really long time. Exactly how big are those crackers?

- Christine Daae

A: Dear Christine Daae,

Not as big as a breadbox. In fact, they're about this big:

If you need precise dimensions, I have it on good authority that they're about two inches square. (And by "on good authority," I mean a random seller on eBay, who also claims that they're "not too dry and not too crumbly." You can trust him. Really.)

So there you have it. If you're curious, they're about the same size as saltines, which are about 1 7/8 inches square. The record for eating them may be slowed up if they're particularly thick, or dry, or crumbly, though. Or maybe the competitors were just pathetically slow and nobody has bothered to challenge them.


Question #22944 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 (Miles Per) Hour Board,

I drive to Layton occasionally and because of gas prices, I wonder every time whether it's more fuel efficient to drive at lower RPMs, which presumably uses less gas but means the engine runs longer (because it takes longer to get there), or at higher RPMs which uses more fuel but means the engine runs for a shorter time. Is there some kind of "supply and demand" type curve where one or the other is more efficient at different distances? How can I calculate this?


A: Dear Sweden,

I was able to find a generalized answer for you at . Keep in mind that every vehicle has a different optimum fuel economy (your owners manual may have more information). However, here is a graph to give you an idea. In general, "gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph.

Now, for the above answer I assumed that when you asked about RPMs you were really talking about speed (since the vast majority of Americans drive cars with automatic transmissions). However, if you were drive a manual transmission and were asking about RPMs, here comes your answser. While driving an automatic you want to shift into a higher gear as soon as possible to save gas mileage. This will decrease acceleration and power but increase efficiency. However, don't shift too soon or you can cause unnecessary wear on your car. So in an automatic, driving at the same speed, it's gives better mileage to be in a higher gear which means lower RPMs.

Question #22925 posted on 02/14/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My FHE dad said that we can't absorb any calcium into our body if we didn't have phosphorous. Is this true?


A: Well, hearsay:

I'm thinking your FHE dad is a little off. . .I looked through all my nutrition books, and they had nothing to say about the absorption of calcium and potassium. However, I did find something about it online. Potassium does not effect the absorption of calcium in the small intestines. However, it coupled with other minerals reduces urinary calcium excretion. "Both dietary phosphorus and potassium reduce urinary calcium excretion and an adequate intake of calcium offsets calcium loss due to urinary excretion." So rather than affecting absorption, it affects excretion.