There is no music in hell, for all good music belongs to heaven. ~Brigham Young
Question #23251 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear B.Y.,

Re: Board Question #23118

I was told that the people doing the filming were a group of BYU film students. If you're really curious about it, you could call Provo City and see who (if anyone) asked for permission to be out filming that night - just call Dispatch at (801) 852-6210 and they should be able to send you to the right person.

- 月の影 影の海

Question #23243 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Regarding Board Question #23162,

I just wanted to say be very careful. I have used these too, and didn't notice really any difference. But, then I noticed my teeth were hurting something AWFUL! To the point of tears!

I called my dentist, and he said to stop using them ASAP, as that can sometimes be a side effect of using them.

I was really sad. (I want whiter teeth!)


A: Dear Clare16,
You might have experienced a problem with the carbamide peroxide, the key ingredient in teeth-lightening agents. As the peroxide is broken down, oxygen enters your tooth enamel and bleaches the colored substances. Some whitening agents have a higher or lower percentage of peroxide in them--whitening tooth paste, for instance, has a very, very low percentage, while the stuff in the dentist's office has a much higher one. The higher the percentage, the faster the lightening will work.
So talk to your dentist and see if you can use something with a lower percentage of carbamide peroxide. It might take longer to bleach your teeth, but at least your teeth will be whiter...
Question #23240 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

To roast a whole chicken:

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
Fill the wishhbone area with stuffing, if desired.
Fasten the neck skin to the back witha skewer.
Fold the wings across the back with the tips touching.
Fill the body cavity lightly with stuffing if desired. (Do not pack--stuffing will expand while cooking.)
Tie (with string) or skewer the drumsticks to the tail.
Place the chicken breast side up on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. (If you don't have a roasting pan you can place it breast side down on a piece of bread in a regular baking pan.)
Brush with melted margarine or butter.

Bake as follows:
1 1/2 to 2 lb chicken -- 3/4 to 1 hour
2-2 1/2 lb chicken -- 1 to 1 3/4 hours

- Mom

Question #23239 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Re: Board Question #23137

I am all of the above!


- Chris

Question #23235 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This is actually a comment and not a question. =)

I just found this page today as I was doing a search. I was surprised to read this post from last March (2005) "...but unseen role in the big budget 70mm Church-produced film "The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000). He provided the voice of Jesus Christ. The actor who appeared on screen as Jesus, Tomas Kofod, is a Danish actor, and could only speak English with a heavy accent. "

Brother Kofod is a good friend of mine and I know he DID do the voice of Christ as well as play the role of Christ.

I have talked to him on the phone and in person and that is definitely HIS voice. There is no dubbing over, so I am not sure where this information posted came from.

Tomas went to High School in the States, and when you talk to him face to face, you would have to really listen to hear any accent at all. He speaks English better than most Americans do. =)

Just wanted to clear this up.

- (bevq)

A: Dear (bevq),

To clarify, you are referring to Board Question #13952. The information that FCSM posted was taken from Will Swenson's bio on's bio page ( I don't know how authoritative that is, but Swenson's voicing of the Savior is also corroborated on (

I am certainly not saying that you are wrong. All I am saying is that there is some evidence to back up what FCSM wrote. If you have asked Tomas Kofod directly if he is the voice and he has said yes, you might want to inform him of the mistakes on these two sites. If you haven't asked him, you might want to.

-Pa Grape
Question #23201 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is this for real?

Please, for the love of all that is good and decent, tell me it isn't.

- *Shudder*

A: Dear *Shudder*,

It's in an actual product not a legit musical production.

-la bamba
A: Dear Shudderer,

It isn't. (But I'm lying.)

Question #23199 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100ish Hour Board,

This is in reference to Board Question #23092. The man asked why he could not get anyone to like him back even though he thought he had what most women would want. In my own very recent personal experience is that as soon as you put it in the Lords hands, it will work out. YOU need to have an honest change of heart that he will guide you and look out for you. If not it won't work. In the meantime keep on dating a lot so when you meet her you can really know.

Now for my question for the married people. How long did it take you after you met your spouse to know that you were going to marry her? First look? 5 minutes? 2 years?

- It happens when It's supposed to

A: Dear "It Happens".

First look. But let me explain because that makes me sound shallow. I was in my flirty "I'm going to marry him. . .No! I'm going to marry him. . .No! I'm going. . ." phase of life, so everyone was my potential spouse. So, essentially, every first look was my "one". Man, that made me sound even more shallow. Okay, I didn't REALLY know until I realized that this guy made me unselfish. I didn't want the biggest brownie, I wanted to give it to him. It was probably two months down the road from meeting him. He made me want to be a better person, and to give everything to make him happy. Although the unselfish theory might not work for everyone, that's how I knew he was the one and I was ready to be married.


A: Dear It's True,

For me, it was about three to four months into the relationship. When I started dating Mr. Nike, I had finally reached the point where I had said to myself, "This is going to happen when it's going to happen, and it won't happen any faster if I obsess about it. I need to let go, do what I know is right and trust that the best thing will happen." I had finally let down and said, to heck with me being in charge of all this! It's time for me to let the Lord take charge!

So yeah, we were dating and when I thought about marrying him, it just - made - sense. It made sense in my mind and in my heart. It all worked. High five for things working the way they should.

A: Dear It happens when It's supposed to,

Well, for me, it was about four and a half months. That's about the time that Ma and I started dating exclusively. For her, it took a bit longer.

-Pa Grape
Question #23188 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If the bottom of the foot is called the "sole" of the foot, what is the top of the foot called? Is there a name for it (besides the superior aspect of the foot)?

- Agatha

A: Dear Agatha,

My beloved Flip Dictionary lists, under "foot, parts of, human":

Achilles tendon, ankle, arch, ball, digit, hallux, heel, instep, minimus, second toe, sole, tarsal, toe and toenail

I knew what all of those were except for "hallux," "minimus," and "tarsal." The first is the technical name for your big toe, the second is the name for your little toe, and the last refers to part of the ankle in humans. (It also refers to similar parts in animals and insects.) The "tarsal" (or "tarsus") is probably the closest thing to you're looking for, although it doesn't really cover the semantic space that you wanted. For what it's worth, there's no analagous word for the back of your hand besides, well, "the back of your hand."

- Katya
Question #23187 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Studies show that "a sense of humor" is the item most frequently found at the top of the list of what women are looking for in a man. At the top of the list for men is the requirement that a woman look "hot." At least, that is what worldly men and women in our culture are looking for. I'm sure it is different in the Church, especially at BYU. Is having a sense of humor as essential as humility to our progress along the path to perfection; and is being "hot" as much a hindrance as pride and prosperity in returning to our heavenly home, or is the truth somewhere in between requisite and hindrance for both humor and hot? Serious question, actually.

- Vorpal Blade

A: Dear Vorpal Blade,

The humor question is probably more indicative of other things. Someone with a sense of humor can cope with trials of married life better than someone who will be easily stressed out or put off by bumps in the road back to our Father's side. Humor can encompass humility (we all know people whose self-deprecating humor is a sign of their humilty) as well as charity. I think it's a fabulous quality and an absolute must.

As for the "hot", well, I think guys saying what they want most is not necessarily what is best. I don't blame them for wanting to have as attractive a mate by their side, it just seems short-sighted since we all achieve celestial glory in the Resurrection. I don't think being attractive is a bad thing. I'm glad I'm attractive, for one, life is much better for it. Being "hot", like being wealthy, is not a hindrance unless the person believes that their looks/money are theirs because they are a good person or vice versa.

-la bamba
A: Dear Snicker Snack,

Well, now I'm all defensive, because I do think a sense of humor is important, and I know I'm not hot. Of course, I think that looking for "hot" is more shallow than looking for "funny," simply because it's an appearance vs. personality thing and the sense of humor will last a lot longer. But I'm a little curious about your study, because I think a lot of women would go for "rich" over "a sense of humor," and that's shallower still. I'm guessing that wasn't an option.

Oh, and I actually don't think it's different at BYU. I do think that most active Mormons probably want to marry other active Mormons, but the point of going to BYU is that 99% of your fellow students are supposed to meet that basic requirement. So once you've limited your social pool to that basic set, you're still going to go for the funny/hot ones.

Anyway, since "a sense of humor" is very high on my list of important qualities, I guess I'm going to have to defend it. For me, being able to laugh at myself, tease my friends and laugh at the world is a very big part of how I approach life in general. I think that it could be related to more "important" spiritual qualities, like humility, because not taking yourself seriously is one way of being humble.

Of course, I know some very good, serious people who have very good marriages full of very good, serious conversations. So I think that "having a sense of humor" is probably more of a particular requirement for me, personally, than it is a general sign of virtue or goodness. You can be a perfectly good person without sharing my sense of humor, but there's no way a you could be married to me without it. As a friend of mine once put it "I have to laugh, because if I didn't laugh, I'd cry." That pretty much sums up my philosophy of life.

"Hot" is a trickier manner. My knee-jerk not-a-hot-girl reaction is to condemn all men for being shallow and insensitive and then to go eat chocolate. On the other hand, I can't really go so far as to say that looks don't matter at all. (I know I'd hate to be "settled for" in terms of physical appearance, whether or not I have a "hot spirit. ;) )

If you back off the term "hot" a bit, and settle for "attractive." I might be OK with it as an important quality. And it's even better if I imagine that there's a whole range of girls who could be considered hot, and not just the Swedish bikini team. And if every girl in the Church could find a really great guy who thought she was hot, I think that would be a wonderful thing.

So if a girl has great beauty that "men should desire her," I can see how that could lead to pride or vanity. But if a girl knows that one special guy thinks she's really beautiful, I don't see that that's a bad thing, and it could easily make her a better person, in the long run.

I guess I could go on about what qualities are really important and how everything influences everything else, but I can feel myself starting to ramble, so I'll stop for now.

- Katya
Question #23184 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am a female that thinks redheaded boys are very goodlooking. I want to know if there is a place where I can place myself with lots of redheaded males to up my chances of securing one for myself.
Im afraid Ireland and Scotland are out of my budget. Are there any alternatives?

- fan of the red of head.

A: Dear a fan,

I can think of two redheaded gentlemen off the top of my head, but, curiously enough, they're both spoken for. I'd offer to patch you through to them, but I really wouldn't want to be responsible for the destruction of what otherwise may have been a perfectly happy relationship.

If you'd like that on your conscience, though, you're more than welcome to send me an email and I'll let you know.

- Optimistic.
A: Dear Fan:

My family. We have a really strong red-haired gene in the Mojoschmoe line, and almost every generation has at least two red-heads. However, to give you my maiden name so you could find one would be a breech of Board Code, and they'd feed me to the man-eating worms.

And my brother's spoken for too. The only other brother I have is still in high school. . .and I don't think you're that desperate yet.

Hooray for red hair! I love mine!

A: Dear Mojoschmoe,

Heyyyy... I thought you said I could have your brother...

- Lavish
Question #23183 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My Ipod was sabotaged when I connected it to an eMac in the Alma lab. I just wanted to upload a CD to it, and the eMac proceeded to wipe out everything on my poor little buddy. Why the animosity?

Also, if I get a new computer, how would I go about tranfering all the music from old to new in iTunes without having to re-upload it all?


A: Dear E,

You, my friend, have discovered THE major downside of iPods and iTunes (yes there are more, please don't write in telling me about them).

To prevent illegal copying of music, Apple not only incorporated their own DRM into all of the music that they sell on iTunes, but they also went about to stop you from copying any music (whether doing so is legal or not). To accomplish this, any iPod can only be associated with one computer with iTunes at a time. If you want to switch which computer your iPod is associated with, iTunes will force you to delete the entire contents of your iPod (to be fair, whenever you connect your iPod to another computer, iTunes will warn you before erasing your iPod). So, simply said, if you want to put music onto your iPod, it must be done with your computer, and you cannot take music off of your iPod and place it onto another computer.

Now, you basically want a way around this. Some of the restrictive functions can be bypassed, with certain third party software (such as PodPlus, available at ). However, if you get a new computer, chances are that you will have to wipe your iPod. Just make sure you copy over all of your music AND all of your playlists to the new computer BEFORE wiping out your iPod (your music and playlists can be copied over using PodPlus, btw).

Best of luck.

-cubic nerd
Question #23180 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What's the best way to turn scripture study into a regular (preferably, daily) habit?

- Working on it

A: dear working on it,

you just have to decide to do it. pick a time that is best for you and read then. i used to read every night before i went to sleep. then i just decided that i would rather read in the morning. so i started waking up 15 minutes earlier so that i could read for 10 minutes and still do what i needed to in the morning. just make time for scripture study, and then be religious about it (no pun intended... ok, maybe it was).

decide beforehand how much you're going to read at minimum: so many pages, chapters, or minutes. do this just to get a habit going and until you decide how you want to do your scripture study. if you're really into what you're reading, don't feel bad to go over these bounds. make sure to not stop early: that's just a way to start a habit of laziness.

once you do get a habit going, keep track of it for a little while. then, if you miss a day, recognize how long you had been reading and try to beat that. i've been reading the scriptures every day for years now, knowing that if i miss one day, i'm going to have to work at it for a long time before i can do better. yeah, that's really daunting, actually (kinda the point, too).

good luck with this. just decide to start a habit, then actually make the habit. it's a mind thing.

A: Dear Working,

Ignorant's advice is great and is a recipe for success, to be sure. I just wanted to throw in the idea of finding a topic you'd like to understand better and studying that, if you don't like just straight reading. Pick something you're struggling with in your life and learn how to overcome it in the scriptures.

You also might want to think about reading a church manual along with your reading. Mr. Nike did that on his mission and he really got into the Old Testament . Maybe it can work for you too!

A: Dear Faithful Person,

Ignorant and Nike have some great points. For a year I used to read, even if only one verse, right before I went to sleep. Life changed, and habits changed with it. Stopped reading for nearly six months (ouch!) but then... life changed again, and now...

I've been reading every morning (and I am NOT a morning person... ask my roommates) for roughly a half hour each day. Thing is for me that I wanted to read the BoM, and the D&C cause I've never read the whole D&C before in my life, including mission time.

So- I read a chapter per each per day, no matter how long it is. Usually, the D&C sections that I've hit so far... just over 50 and counting, are way shorter than the BoM ones, and hey... since it's new to me, it's interesting, and normally applicable to my life at the time.

The BoM is definitely inspiring and insightful, but I've read it how many times by now? There's a little less in the way of "pure intent" than there is for me reading the D&C. So... The BoM I consider my appetizer, and then the D&C is the entree, with spice and good stuff thrown in. Dessert is my daily actions, and hopefully they fall in line into something I've read that day.

At the very least, last semester when I started doing that... reading the BoM every morning due to Hinckley challenge, I've never had as good grades yet at BYU and raised my GPA by a tenth. (When you're a Senior, raising a GPA by a tenth is akin to remaking the wheel/ miracle if it improves.)

So, life is good, the Book is true, and so is the Church!

Best regards for a happy spiritual life,
The Force
A: Dear working on it,

Do it regularly (preferably daily).

Question #23157 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

About Excel. You are right about the AND idea. What I am really looking for is some way to have more than one row/column of conditions. For instance, in =sumif($F$3:$F$110, "Monday" (AND) $G$3:$G$110, "<500:00:00", $E$3:$E$110).

- Fredjikrang

ps. Glad you are doing well. :-)

A: Dear Fredjikrang,

Okay. As far as I can tell, the easiest way to do this is to use SUM and IF separately, since SUMIF doesn't seem to do this. So in your example, it might be


A few notes about this:

First, the braces around the formula indicate that it is an array formula, to be entered in a cell by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of just Enter.

Second, I don't think this formula will give you exactly what you're looking for. The problem arises in using the time value 500:00:00. I can't figure out a good way to include this value in the formula and make it actually work. One solution is to put it in another cell, say A1, and change the middle part of the formula to $G$3:$G$110<$A$1. Another solution is to use purely numerical time values. How you choose to resolve this is up to you.

Finally, the Conditional Sum feature in the Tools menu is pretty good for doing these types of calculations. If you don't see this feature, use Add-ins from the Tools menu to add it.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

Question #23120 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a close friend who is currently attending BYU. Recently, he's had a lot on his mind and he chose to confide in me. Without letting you know the details, he has basically broken the law of chastity. He has stopped this awful sin and is really trying to be a better person. The only thing that is stopping him from seeing the bishop is that he is scared he might get kicked out of BYU. Is this an option? I know he needs to see his Bishop and I'm encouraging him to but I don't know what to tell him when he asks about his attendance at BYU. Thanks guys!

- Nervous

A: Dear Nervous,

I strongly feel for you and your friend. When people commit sins, part of the guilt tends to blow the consequences out of proportion. One of Satan's greatest tactics is to convince us that "A little bit won't hurt." Then when a little bit has turned to big to handle, he tells us that repentence is not worth it.

First, to put the consequences in order, getting kicked out of BYU is an afterthought compared with spiritual consequences. I mean, we are dealing with eternal salvation. If your friend has been to the temple, the sin is even more significant because of the greater covenants of the temple. Above all that, I would guess that guilt is tearing him up inside. He doesn't want to suffer every day with that guilt on his mind.

So, I strongly encourage him to talk to the Bishop as soon as possible. His spiritual well-being is more important than ANYTHING else. He needs to know that.

Now, as for his worry about BYU, the Bishop has a choice about reporting a transgression to the Honor Code Office. In fact, I personally think a bishop should NOT report transgressions to the Honor Code Office without the person's permission. A bishop has the priesthood stewardship to be a judge in Israel. The Honor Code office is trying to enforce a pseudo-religious framework through less-than-spiritual means.

That said, if the Honor Code does find out about a transgression, they do look into steps taken to rectify a situation. So, your friend would be better off if the Honor Code Office found out from your Bishop rather than through some anonymous "Thought Police" tip.

Overall, encourage your friend to chat with the Bishop. He may even want to sit down with the Bishop and ask a hypothetical (hey... it works with lawyers): "So, if a person had committed a certain sin, what is the Bishop's obligation to BYU." My personal opinion is that the Bishop has a more important obligation to help a person repent. If I were a Bishop, the Honor Code Office would be the last on my list of problems to deal with.

Spiritual welfare is always the first priority. Keeping the Thought Police informed is secondary.


Bispo Pedro
Question #22775 posted on 02/21/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the process by which the makers of the LDS triple combination scriptures create the tab indentations? Do they have a machine that goes in at the right page and punch cuts out the semicircle... I keep thinking about it.. does a person have to open to each book and clamp some cutter thing...I just keep wondering...

- Delilah

A: Dear Delilah,
Sorry this answer took so long. Turns out you have to know what the term is to find the answer. This process is called Thumb Cut Indexing and is only really found in scriptures and dictionaries. From

Thumb Cut Indexing involves three separate steps: first, the specific pages must be found and the position of each cut marked. Second, an operator positions a hand held, hydraulically powered cutting tool at each location and cuts the thumb cut notch. Last, an operator applies the die cut, foil stamped tabs to each location. As you see, this is labor intensive and therefore the more costly method of indexing. shows the different types of thumb cuts.

Thanks to Katya as well for help with this,