"When you get a little older, you'll see how easy it is to become lured by the female of the species." - 1960's Batman TV show
Question #26107 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear Dance to Know:

In answer to your question about getting into social dance classes (Board Question #25993), a good way to go about doing this if you are a girl is to bring a guy who is not enrolled in the class to class with you the first day. If you both sign your add cards together the teacher will most likely let you add the class.

One of the biggest problems these dance classes have is that more girls want to take them than guys so the girls' sections fill up really quick (there are two sections in the social dance classes: girls and guys). Teachers want to keep the ratio of guys to girls approximately equal, so if you don't change the ratio, they will generally let you add.

If you are a guy and want to take the class, find a girl that really wants to add it and go to class with her. You could probably just go by yourself since they are usually looking for more guys to get into classes...that would better the ratio.

It has worked for me, it has worked for my brother, it has worked for my friends...go ahead and try it! (Of course, there are space issues also, but I haven't ever had a teacher decline me).

- Waltzing Matilda

Question #26077 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This is in response to question Board Question #25960 about fussy babies. I agree with Lavish's mom that it may or may not be gas. All babies are fussy for the first few months. I read somewhere that the average newborn spends about 2 total hours a day crying (and that's just an average). They don't like to be awake, because their nervous systems are still developing and they can't do much while they are awake. Also, they are still learning how to go to sleep and calm themselves down so it's easy for them to get overstimulated and overtired. If your baby has been awake for more than hour, he's probably too tired. Try some of the tricks mentioned, like swaddling him up and sitting in a dark room while "shooshing" in his ear and gently patting his back. Both of my kids have also really enjoyed sling rides when they were tiny. A great website to find out more about slings and comparison shop is http://www.thebabywearer.com
Another trick for soothing their stomach (sometimes they really do have some gas or they've swallowed air while crying) is to lay your baby on his back and "bicycle" his legs or gently push them back towards his stomach. That usually pushes something out. You can also gently massage his stomach in a circular, clockwise motion. Don't worry--you're not parenting badly or anything. Most babies don't really start getting "happy" and relaxed until they are 3 or 4 months old. Having a fussy, cranky baby doesn't mean you're not doing your job right or that your kid will always be cranky.


Question #26042 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

With all these requests for dates, dating applications and such, I was wondering: has anyone ever gone out with a reader?
It seems a little useless to try to persue a writer if werf so obviously wants to remain anonymous.
Are you then just feeding the readers with false hope?

- Bella Daze

A: Dear Bella Daze,

has anyone ever gone out with a reader?

Yes. See Board Question #16441.

Those who are willing to go out on blind dates with their readers are obviously less concerned about their anonymity. Some of us would rather keep our anonymity, or don't like blind dates, or both.

As far as whether or not individual writers are joking about going out with a reader, that would depend on the writer. You'll have to take that up with the object of your affection, individually. (But if they talk about it often enough, they're probably not kidding.)

- Katya
Question #26038 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Hershey's Milkshakes supposedly come in five flavors, but I've only managed to find vanilla, chocolate, and cookies & cream thus far. Is there anywhere around here that I can find the elusive York and strawberry flavors?

- pippin galadriel moonchild

A: Dear Moonchild,

According to this site, there are currently six flavors of the Hershey's Milkshakes.

They are:
Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, Cookies 'N' Cream, Strawberry, HERSHEY'S® Caramel Kisses® and Whoppers® Chocolate Malted.

Here's to a great source of calcium.

Good luck!
Question #26036 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

A friend of mine is curious, and I hate to not know the answer to stuff.

When's the next General Conference going to be? My guess is October 7-8, just based off the pattern I saw in: http://www.lds.org/conference/display/0,5234,23-1,00.html

...I couldn't find anything definite about the scheduling for the future. All I could find was the above link with all the dates of the past conferences.

- A cool guy

A: Dear Cool,

Unfortunately, the next General Conference only sort of follows the pattern of prior years. According to the calendar posted at lds.org , General Conference will be September 30th and October 1st.

- Lavish
A: Dear cool guy,

General Conference is always held on the first Sunday of April and October. The Saturday sessions are held (surprise!) on the day before that. This is why some years you see part of the October Conference held in September (like this year), and part of the April Conference held in March (not like this year).

That's the pattern.

- Optimistic.
Question #26034 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I live in the San Francisco Bay area, and even thought i've lived here all my life, i haven't really got to do or see a whole lot around here. What are some fun (and inexpensive) things to do around here?

- I Heart CA

A: Dear I Heart CA,

I grew up in the Bay Area and here are some of my more favorite things to do:

1. Take a ride on BART into the city where you can:
a. Walk around Pier 39 and Fisherman's Whalf. Don't forget to stop by and see the sea lions well. You can check them out now via this web cam.
b. Go and get some chocolate from Ghiradelli square. They typically hand out free samples on weekends I've noticed.
c. Visit Alcatraz. If you do, be sure to get the headsets, they make the tour SO much better.
d. Go to a Giants/A's game. If your ok with nose bleed seats, tickets can be quite cheap.

2. Visit the Temple! The Oakland temple is beautiful, and they almost always have things going on during the summer - including Temple Pageant. The Visitor's center also has exhibits and shows as well. There is also a park located pretty close by that is well suited for a picnic and a sunset.

3. Jelly Belly Factory - granted its in Fairfield which might be a drive away, but it's worth it. Tours are available and more information can be found here.

4. Theme parks! Six Flags Marine World and Paramount's Great America are both located pretty close and are an excellent place for a day of fun. Be sure to go buy a local can of Coca-Cola if you go as they normally have a discount for one or the other during the summer.

You might want to also take a look at http://sanfrancisco.citysearch.com/ for some more ideas.
Say hi to California for me...I don't know that a trip back home will happen this summer.

Good luck!
A: Dear iHeart,

I also grew up in the Bay Area. I second walking around Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf. Get a bread bowl of clam chowder. Drive or walk down Lombard street (that really crooked street you see in the movies). Ghiradelli Square is a good stop as well. I've actually never visited Alcatraz, but I bet it is cool.

Also, be sure to stop by the Golden Gate bridge and at least walk down part of the bridge. Head to Muir Woods and see some tall redwoods and huge sequoias. And while you're in that area, stop by Stinson beach and walk along the sand, and if the weather's nice, go for a swim. Also, I haven't been there since I think I went for a school field trip, but the Exploratorium is a cool place to visit. It's a science, art and human perception museum, and there's lots of cool hands-on stuff. It's not exactly inexpensive, but if you go on the first Wednesday of the month, it's free.

Actually, it looks like a lot of places offer free admission the first Wednesday of the month, such as the San Francisco Zoo and the California Academy of Sciences (aquarium and museum of natural history). The Conservatory of Flowers is free on the first Tuesday of every month. The San Francisco Botanical Garden looks like another cool place to visit, and it's free all the time. One last thing, at this site, http://sfbayfun.com/coupons.html, you can get coupons to places like the Exploratorium and Paramount's Great America. There is lots to do, I recommend you don't try and do it all in one day!

-Wilhelmina Wafflewitz
Question #26033 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

what is your current favorite song and why??

- music is my life

A: Dear Music Life Person,

"Life is a Highway," the Rascal Flatts version, from "Cars." I love it. It's so peppy and fun and it's different than what I usually listen to (although I do listen to Rascal Flatts, but that means their country stuff). I love this song. It makes me want to dance!

A: Dear music is your life,

I can't say that I ever have a favorite song, but there are songs that I really enjoy and listen to a lot. They come and go. Right now I'm actively listening to songs like Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" (yes, I'm a little behind the curve on that one), Sufjan Stevens' "Seven Swans" and "The Transfiguration," and most anything from Franz Ferdinand's eponymous album.

The fun songs I'm listening to a lot right now are Sufjan Stevens' "Super Sexy Woman" and Europe's "The Final Countdown." For those of you that are Arrested Development fans, the latter is the music that Gob uses when he performs his magic shows.

- Optimistic.
A: Dear miml,

Miml. I like that name. I don't think I'd name my dog that, but maybe a cat. Anyway, sometimes I have a favorite song, and other times I don't. Right now I'm in the latter phase. I have a few favorite songs. My current favorite classical song is "Sheep May Safely Graze from Cantata No. 208" by Bach, because it is so soothing and it helps me relax. My current favorite John Mayer song is "Love Song for No One." My current favorite Jack Johnson song is "Upside Down."

-Wilhelmina Wafflewitz
Question #26032 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I know that you can download mp3s for little or no price at all, but is there a place that you can do that for movies? (Like downloading movies for little or no cost?)

- Movie Lover

A: Dear Lover of Movies,

I'm gonna rephrase your question to what I assume you meant. That is, Is there a place that you can download movies for little or no cost that's legal?

Why yes, yes there is. Movielink.com provides a place to download and watch movies for the price of what you typically pay at Blockbuster or Hollywood video to rent one. They range from 99 cents to a few dollars, depending on how recent the movie is. You can download and store the movie for 30 days, and allows a one time viewing period of 24 hours, after which the movie will not play. You can also purchase movies with unlimited store and play time starting at around $8.99. They even offer us college students (also assuming your a college student) a discount.

Good luck!
Question #26031 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why do people get canker sores? Is there anyway to stop them from hurting? I have a rather large one, and even drinking water hurts!

- In pain.

A: Dear in pain,

I feel that pain. I used to get them all the time when I had braces. They haven't appeared as frequently since then, thank goodness.

In any case, a lovely website called familydoctor.org has the answer to all your questions, and now, thanks to the wonder of copy and paste, the 100 Hour Board has the answer to all your questions!
What are canker sores?

Canker sores are shallow, painful sores in your mouth. They are usually red or may sometimes have a white coating over them. You might get them on the inside of your lips, the insides of your cheeks, the base of your gums or under your tongue. Canker sores are different from fever blisters, which usually are on the outside of your lips or the corners of your mouth.

Anyone can get canker sores, but women people in their teens and 20s get them more often. Canker sores may run in families, but they aren't contagious. Doctors don't know what causes canker sores, but they may be triggered by stress, poor nutrition, food allergies and menstrual periods.

What should I do when I get canker sores?

Canker sores usually go away without any treatment. For pain relief, you can try taking ibuprofen (brand name: Advil) or acetaminophen (brand name: Tylenol). Other medicines, such as Anbesol, Oragel, Orabase and Zilactin-B, might keep your canker sores from becoming irritated by eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. You put these medicines right on the sore.

You can also mix equal amounts of Milk of Magnesia and Benadryl Allergy liquid. After it's mixed, you can swish a teaspoonful in your mouth for about 1 minute and then spit it out. If you do this every 4 to 6 hours, your canker sores may hurt less.

Some people think that sucking on zinc lozenges, taking vitamin C or vitamin B complex, using a sage-and-chamomile mouthwash or taking a lysine supplement helps their canker sores heal faster.

If your canker sores last for more than two weeks or are so sore that you absolutely can't eat or drink, or if you have a fever accompanying the sores, you might want to see your doctor.

Question #26029 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How much stuff did you guys bring out to BYU? Coming from the opposite site of the country (hence what I bring is what I get, no stopping back home), I currently have 1 garbage bag, 3 boxes (banana size) and a large tool box, and have been told I have way too much stuff. What is a reasonable amount of stuff for a dorm room?

- Puzzled packer

A: Dear packer,

I came with three boxes and my suitcase my freshman year. It certainly wasn't too much to fit into my dorm room, but I also found that I brought a lot of junk that I never used. It all depends on how much you don't feel that you can part with. I brought a box and a half full of books with me. I have even more now. I haven't read many of them since bringing them to college, but I like they way they look on my bookcase, so I keep them around.

I wouldn't worry about not being able to fit that much into your dorm room, personally. I would just go through my stuff and see what I felt I really needed. Part of the freshman experience is learning what stuff you don't really need to survive, after all.

- Optimistic.
A: Dear puzzled packer,

I brought way too much stuff and then had to lug a bunch of it home after freshman year. (I think it was two suitcases and two or three boxes, but I can't be sure.) I found that I mostly needed my clothes and toiletries, my books, my computer, and then a small box or two of random stuff like scissors, pens, and, oh, I don't know, blank cassette tapes or something like that. (I'm always behind, technologically.) Fitting stuff into a dorm room was never really an issue because there was tons of room under the bed; the real issue was dragging that stuff with me from apartment to apartment. In my mind, it's better to pack light and then buy something or get it mailed to you if you absolutely need it; I'm an economist's daughter, see, and so in my family we believe that money can be exchaged for goods and services.

Question #26024 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

(Disclaimer: forgive my ignorance, as I haven't read the X-Men comics.)

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Kitty, from the X-Men movies, can travel through solid materials, and can also apparently make solid objects (like missiles) travel through her.

Wouldn't that make her pretty much invincible?

- Confused

A: Dear Confused,

Well, let's see: she can allow objects to pass through her, travel through solid materials, practice aikido, ninjutsu, and karate at an expert level, dance professionally, and get into the University of Chicago on the strength of her academics. If she's not invincible, it seems like she's pretty darn close.

However, according to her Wikipedia article, her "phasing" powers, as passing through solid objects is called, are not constant and require effort and attention on her part. She is, in fact, invincible with regards to physical attacks when she is phasing, but is no more invincible than your average martial arts master when not phasing. Also, she is at risk, when phasing, of trying to pass through certain materials which can disorient and possibly hurt her. This happened, apparently, with one particularly dense material making the hull of the alien Ord's ship. Also, she was injured during the "Mutant Massacre" by Harpoon's energy spear and lost her phasing abilities, so it seems that certain weapons are effective against her in certain situations. (Convenient for plot purposes, don't you think?)

So, next time you think about attacking Shadowcat, make sure to do it when she's not phasing. Then you'll only have to deal with a certified genius with skills in martial arts, dance, and computer technology, instead of an invincible certified genius with skills in martial arts, dance, and computer technology.

Question #26022 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have you guys ever considered publishing a book?

- Cause you should

A: Dear It would be a lot of work,
Yes we have. See Board Question #6479.

Let me give you another idea of the volume of writing we're talking about here. Some of the Board writers have gotten ideas to bind their answers from the Board into books--only their answers. Formatting can take countless hours. With a layout of 6'x9', Misaneroth's book boasts 350 pages; Latro's was two volumes--the first was 512 pages and the second 469. Duchess hasn't even started on hers yet, and she's been on the Board longer than anyone. And I bet someday Katya will make on too...she knows how to make her own.

So...the book would be huge. Thousands and thousands of pages. And expensive. Who would be nerdy enough to make books of the Board? Only the Board writers. Would you buy one?


Question #26019 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

About question Board Question #25786
Are there any classes here at BYU that we can take to find out more about the history of the church? recommend a class that will delve deep into the history. thank you

- history junkie

A: Dearest Junkie,

Here are the following Church History classes that are available at BYU. I've included the class description for each which is available here.

Rel 341 - LDS History 1805-1844
Church history and doctrine from the birth of Joseph Smith to his martyrdom.
Rel 342 - LDS History 1845-1900
Church history and doctrine from the martyrdom of Joseph Smith through the administration of Lorenzo Snow.
Rel 343 - LDS History 1901-Present
Church history and doctrine from the administration of Joseph F. Smith to the present.
Rel 344 - LDS History International Church
History of the Church from 1830 to the present in Britain, Europe, the Pacific, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Near East, and other areas.

Each of the classes are offered throughout the year except History of the International Church, which is only offered Fall and Winter. I took Rel 341 from Sister Susan Easton Black and I thought it was incredible. I don't think there is another individual on campus that knows more about the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. She is excellent at making the stories and information come alive. So thats my personal recommendation.

Good luck!

Question #26018 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear Optimistic,

I was wondering if I could use your Mrs. Optimistic application and tweak it for my own. I think it's a good idea. It just might help me sort through my many suitors. :-P

- Bella Daze

A: Dear Bella,

Sounds fine to me. I've posted a link to it in a couple of responses, so you can either download it that way or email me and I can just send it to you. Up to you, really. I didn't bother to get a copyright or anything on it, so you're free and clear from the legal perspective. That, and I just gave you written permission.

Enjoy. Hope it works out well for you.

- Optimistic.
Question #25974 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board (Mojoschmoe specifically!),

I was looking for a good protein source to eat in the morning. I've heard thats the best time to eat good protein. I'm also looking for a good source that doesn't include animal fat or meat (like bacon, etc.) or fish. I, too, am one of those fish haters (never fear-I use fish oil supplements as directed by a chiropractor so you don't need to comment on this either). Can you help me find a common and veritable source of protein? Thanks so much!

- Emetelai

A: Dear Emetelai:

Well, technically, anytime of day is good to eat protein. I think that it's best to have a protein and a carbohydrate at every meal. Breakfast is definately the time to eat your biggest meal though--because then your body will use it throughout the day. Some good "un-animal" sources of protein I've found include tofu (just grill it like you would ham, or crumble it into a breakfast burrito with eggs and cheese), eggs and dairy products. Although eggs and dairy products are animal products, they're not technically meat. One of my favorite breakfasts is vanilla yogurt with granola crumbled into it. Yogurt is a good source of protein. Or, you could go for cottage cheese and peaches. Eggs with hashbrowns. A glass of soymilk. Toast slathered with peanut butter. French toast (with eggs on it and a yogurt, you'll be good to go). Those are some of my favorite breakfasts--check your breakfast cereal too. Some granolas are a good source of protein.

If you're still lacking in ideas, shoot me an email and I'll provide some recipes. Happy eating!

Question #25972 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So, I'm moving to Utah from Missouri in August. Before I move out there, I want to buy a car (so that I can use it in the move and afterwards). I'm planning on buying the car from a dealership in Kansas. Someone said that if I bought the car less than 30 days before moving to Utah, I could use temporary plates during that time, and thus avoid registering it in Missouri. Do you know if that is true? (I'm not going to be a student in Utah, so I will need to register my car there.) Also, I've never owned a car, so I don't have any insurance. What should I do about insurance, since I'll be moving less than a month after getting the car? Is there anything else I should think about with moving after buying a car? Thanks for your help.

- Goin' West

A: Dear Goin' West,
So, you want to register your car in Utah then? Well here's my experience: I bought a car from Oklahoma about two years ago. My dad flew out there and drove it back to Utah. When we got it to Utah we registered it, which goes to show that you aren't required to register the car where you purchase the car from. Registration is a lot of money though, yikes. Anyway, you should be fine.

And insurance? Well you have a bunch of different options. You'll obviously want to get something, so start shopping around. You have some choices--you can go with the online places such as Geico, Progressive, Farmers, State Farm, American Family, etc. Progressive can get you a quote on all of these places in one stop online, or you can just call around. But believe you me, insurance on your car is very handy. Make sure you get some collision, and comprehensive isn't bad either, especially if someone breaks into your car or something. Hooray for insurance.

Question #25959 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a serious question for you. I am a 22 year old, single female who has married off 13 roommates since being out here at school. Kind of disgusting, huh?
My question is in regards to my best friend of 12 years. She and I are roommates for the first time and we are loving it. One problem--she is dating a guy from back home whom I don't like. He flew out to see her about a month ago and I got to meet him for the first time. I really didn't like him much at all. They are getting more serious and it looks like she is going to become #14. Her friendship means so much to me, but I'm not sure how to handle this. I have talked to her about this. We had a good 2 hour conversation solely about him and then another one about them getting married. We are very open with each other. My problem is how do I become supportive of this? I don't want anything to ruin our frienship. I know that my opinion is not going to sway her (which I am grateful for--she is marrying him, I'm not--she doesn't need my stamp of approval to do so) but I want to support her and be there for her with such a huge decision. I want to be there and giggle with her and have fun when she's trying on wedding dresses as a best friend should do and as I've always planned on doing. But I don't want to fake it.
What I think the problem might be is that I am jealous. I know this sounds weird, but I have been and out of a few relationships within the past few years--one in particular that was very promising. I think that I'm just sick of being "left behind." It's not the greatest feeling in the world to hang out with your friends but always be the third (or 19th) wheel. How do I help myself with these feelings? I'm a very happy person overall, but this "single scene" is wearing on me. Sorry this is so long--I'm a little verbose (I guess I'm an extrovert in writing as well!). Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.


A: Dear ENFP,

I've married off a bunch of roommates as well. It's really exciting, isn't it? However, the topic of best friends can be a little more touchy. That is good that you are open with each other though; that definitely helps the situation.

Sometimes it is hard to look past the situation, but you need to do that. You also need to focus on your friend. First of all, ask yourself the question why you don't like this boy. Does he have qualities that will make him a horrible husband? Will your friend be happy? Is he in school? Does he have motivation? What is his family like? Honestly ask yourself if there is anything you see about him that should keep her from marrying him. If it's something like you don't like how he does his hair or dresses or if he has a crummy car or something like that, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

If you can't give yourself any reason and your friend continues to have no doubts, remember why you love your friend. What made you friends in the first place? Learn to trust her judgment. You want her to be happy. If she is happy, learn to be happy for her. You can do it. Also, another thing that is good is to pray--pray that you will feel the peace that she is obviously feeling with this boy. I know that miracles of the heart can happen; you just need to ask for it.

Lastly, the single scene: I've been it a long time as well. My sisters went through it too and it hit me so hard I started getting depressed. Believe me, I know how you feel. However, remember that we cannot be happy with anyone else until we are happy with ourselves. Learn to become happy with who you are--happy without having a companion right now. I am a sole believer in timing. I am 25 and have been single for a long time. Don't worry about your age just yet. Only at BYU and Provo do we worry about not being married by the time we're 21. Take some time for yourself--travel, see the world, do whatever it is you want to do.

And the best remedy for not feeling bad for yourself is to serve others. Reach out to your friend and help her in any way you can. And if that isn't working, reach out to your ward. Do something that makes you not focus on you. I have learned that when I have time to focus on myself, I sometimes make myself depressed about being single. Don't allow yourself the opportunity to focus on yourself. I promise you that life will be a lot better.

So that's my advice. Pray that you will learn the things you need to learn, and continue to be a friend to your friend in the meantime. You have my prayers too.

Question #25942 posted on 06/28/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I've been working on my family history, and I have a question for any of you who may know the answer. One of my female ancestors was married in the temple, but then her husband died and she remarried. Is the son from her second marriage sealed to her and her first husband or will he be sealed to his father and his first wife (he was a widower)?

- Vashti the curious

A: Dear Vashti,

This is an interesting situation. With all parties being deceased however, this is answered easily. You simply seal your ancestor to her second huband and then seal the child to them both. If this is confusing, refer to Board Question #15549 on the conditions under which a woman may be sealed to more than one man. So you seal her and her husband and then seal the child to his biological parents.

While easily solved in family history matters, this becomes a bit more difficult when the parties are alive. The options are that the child may be sealed to either the father and his first wife, his mother and her first husband, or he can hedge his bets that sealing policies won't change and that his parents are willing for him to simply wait until they both pass away and then have them and himself sealed. This is of course overlooking the option of her having her sealing to her first husband cancelled, as it does not seem that she is in a situation truly warranting that.

So as for your situation exactly, gather the cards together and make a trip to the temple's sealing office and you can clear the whole matter up rather neatly.

-Pa Grape