"My brother is too kind. He was eminent when my eminence was only imminent." -Niles Crane
Question #41758 posted on 12/26/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Streetlights are not motion-sensored, are they? It seems like every time I go-a-walking up 9th east at night, the streetlights turn off as I pass them. Maybe they're all the same age and burn out at the same time, but it's kind of a weird experience when you're walking past and see a flash, only to discover that the light above you just went out...and then the next and the next ones too. What's the deal?

-Tired of walking around in the dark

A: Dear Try a broomstick. And Lumos,

Ever heard of a deluminator? I think that is your problem. Either you're using one without realizing it, (Do you have a silver cigarette lighter, perchance?) or you have a friend/enemy with one who is trying to drive you crazy.

Wait... you're not trying to stalk Ron Weasley while he's doing secret Auror business, are you? That would definitely explain a lot. But be careful, friend. You're getting yourself into some dangerous territory. And I'm willing to bet that you're a Muggle, too, and don't even have a wand. This is not wise. Very not wise. Get out while you still have a chance.

- Niffler
A: Dear Tired,

Really, I think it's just a perception thing. You probably walk by dozens of street lights every day, but when nothing happens, you take no note of them. Since you only take note of the street lights which go out as you walk by, you end up with a perception that the street lights are responding to your presence, when in fact they do no such thing.

Incidentally, it would be a very poor design that made street lights turn off as people walk by. While I'm not going to make any universal declaration that no motion-sensitive street lamps exist anywhere in the world, I will argue that if they do exist, they're going to be the type that light up as soon as they sense motion, they'll light up and stay lit until no motion has been sensed for a predetermined amount of time. And I'll also argue that even that isn't a very good design, as animals could just as easily set off the lights as could humans or cars, effectively eliminating any power savings you're likely to get by turning off the street lamp. Also note that if these street lamps are designed for use on city roads, they'll have to look for motion well in advance, as cars tend to move pretty quickly.

In light of all that, I'm going to say that your street lamps definitely are not motion sensitive.

A: Dear ty red,

I think we've all considered that we're the cause of it at one time or another (I had a mission companion convinced), but it's more than most likely that it's just chance. Street lights "cycle" a lot and you notice it when you're near them. You should read this.

-=Optimus Prime=-
Question #41752 posted on 12/26/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

On many of the Benson Building doors, there are advertisements for students to become custodians at the BNSN. At the bottom of these ads, however, there is a stipulation that Chemistry majors may not apply. My wife and I have tossed this around and have come to some pretty logical conclusions, but I was wondering if you knew the official reason.

- The Economizer

A: Dear Economizer,

When my former roommate was applying for various on-campus custodial jobs, she wanted to work in the JFSB but was told that she couldn't because the JFSB houses the department for the subject in which she was majoring. Because custodians have access to department offices and such, they're likely to see things like yet-to-be-given tests, answer keys, and such.

Since the Benson Building houses the Chemistry Department, BYU employment wouldn't want to give chemistry majors access to the department office.

Question #41751 posted on 12/26/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What happens if you die without being sealed to anyone?

- not BIC

A: Dear not ~

God is a just and fair and loving God. He will sort it out and you will be sealed to someone if you are worthy of it. Why do you think we focus so much on temple work? Think of all the millions and billions of people who have died without being sealed. You're not an exception to that. God loves you and He's not going to spite you because of circumstance. It'll all work out in the end.

~ Dragon Lady
Question #41735 posted on 12/26/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear Cleaning Lady and other board writers,

Your advice about willing myself to grow out of the miserable 5'3 is similar to this


watch it, tell me what you think.
it is said to be life changing. Currently it hasn't done much for me, but only because i find it a struggle to apply to it.

- 5'3

A: Dear Heinz 53,

I think it's mostly hogwash. It's true that your thoughts affect your life, but only to the extent that they control your actions, whether consciously or unconsciously. Thinking positively puts your mind in a state that is ready to receive and act on positive situations when you might have otherwise overlooked them and to avoid negative situations because you know there is an alternative. It also shows in your mannerisms and facial expressions which affect the way other people treat you.

There are not, however, waves of thought radiating from you that stop drunk drivers from hitting you, or stop hurricanes from destroying your house, or cause people to randomly send you money in the mail while others forgive your debt. Focusing on your goal and keeping a positive attitude can do wonders in molding your actions to achieve the desired result, but there is no mystical secret power at work. Bad things will still happen and not everyone can will themselves to success and riches (or to growing a few inches), but you can improve your life through positive thinking.

If you need to believe that your thought frequencies are attracting other thought frequencies in order to do this, then go ahead, but it will work just as well knowing the truth.

-=Optimus Prime=-
A: Dear,

I don't normally like to use scriptures for casual questions, but I'll justify this one by telling you that when I was looking for it, I thought it was in one of Shakespeare's sonnets. Wrong giant widely-red book. Anyway, the combination of your question and this verse made me laugh.

You can't get taller by thinking about it. Oh, and I agree with Optimus. The Secret is silly.

-Uffish Thought
Question #41734 posted on 12/26/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
If a board reader says something complimentary about the 100 hour board and board writers,(along the lines of, oh, say, the 100 hour board is fantastic and the writers do great work) and there is no 100 hour board writer around, how do the board writers find out about it?

- Someone who thinks the writers deserve to hear quite a lot of things along those lines

A: Dear flatterer,

What exactly are you trying to get at here? Are you hoping to drop some compliments around different groups of people in hopes that one day you'll say them in front of a Board writer and will be rewarded? I am looking at this question very suspiciously right now. I want to know your angle is and where you are going with this. But don't you worry- I'm going to figure you out. And when I do, beware.

-A white jacket and a padded room are all I need.
A: Dear Someone ~

We're omniscient. Evil Villain is still wondering how I knew that he got the girl he liked flowers and exactly what kind they were. Someday he'll understand that we're simply omniscient over here.

~ Dragon Lady
Question #41733 posted on 12/26/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm addicted to music videos.

What is your favorite music video of this year and of all time?

-Wishing mtv and vh1 still played videos at decent hours

A: Dear Wishing,

While I'm not a video connoisseur like yourself, and as such I don't think I've even seen any from this year. But I've seen a few good videos here and there. My favorites ever are "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M. and "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. Seriously, after watching "Hurt" I nearly cried.

Best fun video has to go to Weezer's "Buddy Holly."


A: Dear Wishing,

Four words: Flight of the Conchords

That's right my friend. I'm addicted to the wonderful sounds of Bret You've Got it Going On and Beautiful Girl. Try typing Flight of the Conchords in the search feature on youtube. It will amaze and delight you for many moon.

-The Cheeky Chickie
A: Dear Wishing,

I really like The Scientist by Coldplay. A lot.

And Bad Day by Daniel Powter.

Also, the Sesame Street classic My Triangle by James Blunt.

I'd provide YouTube links, but I'm on campus. But seriously, they're good.

A: Dear Wmtv&vh1spv@dh:

Here are the links to the music videos Yellow listed, all of which I approve of:

"The Scientist" (I recommend the short story this song is based on: "The Birthmark." Also of interest is the video's groundbreaking use of reverse narrative.)
"Bad Day"
"My Triangle"

As far as my own recommendations, OK Go's choreography in "A Million Ways" and their use of treadmills in "Here It Goes Again" are exemplary as far as making good use of genre of the music video itself. Kaolin's "Partons Vite" is fairly recent, and it is definitely my favorite foreign music video. It's not terribly new, but I really like how the animation goes with the lyrics in "Your Heart Is An Empty Room." Death Cab is due to release a new album for 2008, so hopefully there will be interesting new videos and songs before too long. Regina's Spektor's "Fidelity" is very professional and has a great color scheme. One that was actually from this year that I like is "Must Have Done Something Right."

A: Dear __,

Yeah, I like Regina Spektor's "Fidelity" and Ingrid Michaelson's "Breakable," although I wish she was in it herself more. I'm not sure if it really qualifies as a typical music video, but I like Joanna Newsom's "Sprout and the Bean." (What's typical about Joanna anyway? We'll call it a music video, though you may not ever see it on MTV or VH1 ...) I remember liking Sara Bareilles' "Love Story" and Mika's "Grace Kelly," too. Oh, and "Coin-Operated Boy" by the Dresden Dolls.