"God blesses those who take out his sweet spirits." - Just Another Cassio
Question #45264 posted on 05/22/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board and Perplexed,

Concerning Board Question #45057, my mad Google skills and almost sharp memory have produced a lead on that Fox Kids PSA you were after. Sadly, I couldn't find the actual video, but I did find several of its peers. (Praise YouTube user ebirnholz.)


The name of the kids group was the Totally Kids Detective Agency, a John Walsh venture, I believe. The PSAs were in two categories, messages from the kids themselves, or more general ones that started, "And now a message totally for kids." They aired afternoons; I can't recall if they aired Saturday mornings, but probably.

The beauty makeover one did not show up on YouTube, but I've already e-mailed ebirnholz to ask if he has it.

- Dudley Heinsbergen

A: Dear Dudley

Woohoo, it was on FOX. I had that part correct. Thanks for the additional info.

-Humble Master
Question #45262 posted on 05/22/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear Sorry, Tao, et al.:

RE: Board Question #44697

Board Question #43585 contains links to other questions/answers which address the "where can sister missionaries go?" question.


Question #45259 posted on 05/22/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Re: Board Question #44697, while the two smallest missions geographically speaking are Temple Square and Nauvoo, the smallest proselyting mission (and the third smallest mission overall) is the California Long Beach mission, unless everyone who served there is mistaken.

-Hooray for LBC!


Dear 100 Hour Board,

Now that we are down to only 3 Presidential candidates, what are your opinions on them?

- Curious

A: Dear Curious~

That we're down to two, not three.

As much as I love watching the Democratic Party tear itself to shreds, Hillary's display has just gotten pathetic.

I like how Obama says he thinks, and he certainly talks pretty, but I think his liberal elitist attitude has begun to shine through his exterior. If Obama really is the superhero he claims to be, then I think he'd be a great president, but I have serious doubts. In other words, I think Obama talks the talk, but I believe his voting history and offhand comments are showing that he is, in fact, just another politician with no real aptitude or desire to effect the Change he calls for in politics.

I'm not yet sure what to think of John McCain. Hermia's comments below are, I think, pretty much correct. The RNC has said in its magazine that one of the great failures of 2006 was their over-reliance on "rallying the base", which was pretty much a staple of American politics until very recently. As it turns out, all those uninformed voters who have always thought that Independents controlled the elections are actually now becoming correct. How about that?

So ol' Johnny McCain has been sort of playing to the Right, but not much; a lot of Republicans are angry that he's not conservative enough. Ironically, the ones who are mad at him tend to be former-Romney supporters (I'm thinking Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter here, you don't get much more conservative than that), although I think that may come as a shock to the self-righteous Utahns who thought he only won support in the Reddest state in the Union because he's Mormon.

I personally don't know who I'll vote for. I appreciate that John McCain wants to take responsibility for Iraq, whereas Obama seems to be pandering to the rabid political Left that calls for irrational and selfish pullout. I tend to fall with conservatives on issues like health care, welfare and tax cuts, which would have me leaning toward McCain. I like Obama's ideas of foreign policy in general, though, although I've lost a lot of faith in the senator over the past few weeks.

There's my three cents.

~Hobbes is still a Republican
A: Dear Curious,

My opinion? If you ignore his stance on the war and foreign policy, once McCain stops his primary-election courting of right-wing voters and starts the typical national-election shift to the center, Democrats are going to find that they have two decent choices come November.

A: Dear Curious,

I must tell you that I am so tired of this question I can hardly stand it. I usually refuse to answer, but for you I will oblige.

First let's establish the fact that I'm officially un-affiliated and plan on staying that way, although I lean decidedly in one direction (I'll let you figure out which). That being said, here's my honest opinion:

Mr. McCain's trophy wife alone makes me distrust him. His age is definitely a concerning factor. His temper worries me. I have deep respect for his military experiences and especially his experience as a prisoner of war. His plaid shirts make me laugh and make him look even older. Personally, I don't want him as our next President. The more I learn about economics and international relations the more I am disheartened by the last few years. To be frank, right now I don't have much love for conservatism. I can't see Mr. McCain improving it much.

As for Mr. Obama, he sure talks pretty doesn't he? I think he's a smart man who's tapped into what a huge number of Americans are ready for: change. I am tired of his campaigning and his fanatic followers(aren't we all?). I like his roots. Let me rephrase that...I love his roots. I think it has given him a refreshing perspective. It would be fun to have a President that won a Grammy. I'm not enthusiastic about his position on Iraq. I've extensively studied the Middle East and don't feel a sudden pull out is such a hot idea. I don't agree with everything he says, but I'm more enthusiastic about him than Mr. McCain. Much more.

A: Dear Curious

We are quite dissatisfied with our options. For this reason we have determined to elect #29 to the office of President of the United States of America. We have coached #29 in all the qualities America seems to be looking for in a President:

#29 can now use the word "change" 9 times in a single sentence, while never once declaring what change is coming.

#29 is now prepared to decry the current levels of carbon emissions in the United States, while hurrying to his private jet to make the next campaign stop

#29 can espouse "middle class values" despite never living a middle class life

#29 is prepared to question the patriotism of any candidate not wearing a flag pin on their lapel, even while #29 is not wearing a flag pin

#29 is against the war in Iraq, but for leaving troops there so long as they need to be there, unless that is longer than the current audience he is speaking to believes they should be there, in which case he remains strongly against the war in Iraq, but supports our troops, and believes the best way to support our troops is to bring them home so long as so doing does not destabilize Iraq

#29 is ready to be open to any discussion concerning any course of action that any group wants to take place concerning any topic, but will never commit to any course of action, though, once again, open discussion is welcome

#29 is willing to count any votes which may help #29's cause, but doesn't really feel any other votes are particularly important, and certainly don't represent a valid opinion (#29 picked has studied Hilary to master this technique (about the 2 minute mark))

Remember: #29, as loyally patriotically American a monkey as you'll ever see salute the American flag in America.

-100 Typing Monkeys
Question #45197 posted on 05/22/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Does the average Southerner actually use comparisons involving very particular, usually humorous or otherwise extreme, situations (e.g., "He was more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs." or "She was madder than a hogtied bull in roller skates.") or is this stereotype unwarranted? If it does happen to be prevalent down there, is there more or less a collection of common sayings or do most people freestyle?
I guess to answer this question you have to either be or know a person who identifies him or herself as an average Southerner, but I decided to ask anyways.

- People watcher

A: Dear People Watcher,

I always wondered about that stereotype. I grew up in the South and have never actually heard anyone use sayings like that. Not that my town was extraordinarily "Southern" or anything, but you think I would have heard SOMETHING like this if it was all that prevalent.

A: Dear Watcher,

My assistant band director, whom I loved dearly, was from the very rural South. He was one of the nicest people I knew, and had one of the funnest vocabularies of anyone I knew. I can confirm that he did, indeed, sometimes use phrases like "I feel like I could beat a bear with a switch" (he had a lot of energy). Maybe not quite like the outrageous comparisons you're talking about, but I can see how that stereotype could get started.

—Laser Jock
A: Dear People Watcher~

One of my friends is Georgian, and although she does have that delightful accent, I never heard these comparisons that you're talking about outside of the movies.

It's not hard for me to picture a grandpa preparing a few such sayings when telling a story, though, because that's the sort of thing grandpas do.

~Hobbes grandpa is from farther south than your grandpa
Question #45196 posted on 05/22/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I know you guys probably get a ton of annoying housing questions, so I apologize, but I was wondering if any of you had any insights on the current status of Branbury. I am considering living there in the fall, but after some research into their reputation, I'm having second thoughts. From looking at a few web sites where people post comments on housing, there seems to be a lot of complaining about the management and people not living the honor code. I know that people often go to sites like that to vent about situations that could happen anywhere, so I am inclined not to pay a lot of attention to that, but it still makes me worried. Is that still the case or have they stepped it up so it would be a good place to live? And if it is not recommended, could you suggest somewhere else that might be better? I want a private room that is as cheap as possible, and preferably not south of campus. I'm also not a very social person, so I don't want a party place, and I'm on the older side, so I don't want a place overrun with freshmen. Thanks much!

- Drucilda

A: Dear Drucilda,

I moved out of the Branbury a year ago. It was an okay place to live, but I was glad to move on. As to your questions, they are trying to step it up a bit, but its old reputation continues to draw a lot of people that aren't very committed to the honor code. I would say that only about one-half to two-thirds of my ward was active, and there were a lot of honor-code issues going on, such as when a girl in my ward boundaries drove her roommates to seek new apartments after they'd witnessed a few of her alcoholic rages.

That said, I think you could still have a good experience at the Branbury, considering what you're looking for. Since you want a private room and aren't that social anyway, you would probably be able to avoid a lot of the surrounding unpleasantness, especially if you already know the people who will be in your apartment. And, despite the problems I've already mentioned, I still had a good experience with a lot of the people there, and our bishopric was great (granted, they've just been released). I was even a little sad to leave the ward. I've also heard from my uncle (who used to be a BYU bishop over an area near the Branbury) that a lot of the other non-south-of-campus places offering private rooms have similar problems anyway.

Hope my perspective helps!

Question #45195 posted on 05/22/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear The Cleaning Lady,

After reading question Board Question #45044, I really don't think you treated this poor guy fairly. Maybe I missed some little detail in there, but I didn't see anything that led me to believe that he is still in high school. Therefore, I think it's pretty unjustified to say things like "You are obviously not emotionally capable of handling a steady dating relationship" and "Now that you're experiencing the pain that's resulted from not heeding the prophet's counsel..."
You're treating him like a child, when there's no evidence of anything like that. He could be 30 for all you know. And just because he's having a tough breakup, because he's been hurt, because he's had a hard time getting over a girl he's "not emotionally capable of handling a steady dating relationship"? That's pretty harsh, and more than a bit closed minded.
I don't have any problem with the rest of your advice, but the assumptions about his age, and the insults to his emotional maturity were, I feel, completely unwarranted.


A: Dear Bystander,

I appreciate your concern. You are absolutely right that in that specific question, there is no indication (other than tone) that the asker is adolescent. However, those who've been reading the Board for the last couple of weeks can easily recognize that the asker is the same young man who wrote Board Question #44465 and Board Question #44540, which give more insight into his age and life situation.

Without having that information, it certainly would have been presumptuous (but not necessarily "closed minded") of me to assume that he is a teenager, and give an answer based on that assumption. Even as I did have an understanding of his age, I certainly did not mean to be condescending. Any harshness that may have been in my tone was intended as a kind of "tough love." Seeing as he's written in 3 times with essentially the same problem, I felt that perhaps a more direct approach might be helpful to enable him to snap out of the pool of sorrow he's been wallowing in for the past few months.

Looking over my answer, the only thing I would change about it would be to add a "yet." Evidentially, it is quite obvious that our young friend is not emotionally capable of handling steady dating...yet. Which is fine, because according to President Hinckley, he's not supposed to be. I firmly believe that in a few years of maturing, he'll be able to handle dating and breakups much more easily, so he'll be better off not worrying so much about them now. sad guy, if you're reading this, I believe in you. True, lasting love will come for you when the time is right.

Finally, just as it would have been presumptuous of me to ignorantly assume things about this asker, I believe it equally presumptuous for someone else to ignorantly jump to the conclusion that I did not have any additional insight, and from that draw further conclusions about my intentions and character. Readers, we are honestly trying - especially lately - to give you the benefit of the doubt. Please do the same for us. With the exception of Hobbes' Death Squad and other choice Board villains, we're not out to offend. We want to help you, and we're doing the best we can.


The Cleaning Lady
Question #45191 posted on 05/22/2008 3:01 a.m.


How many times is the phrase "shut up" spoken in the new Narnia movie?

--Dreamy Smurf

A: Dear Dreamy Smurf,

Although the Parents Television Council Review says there was only one instance, I heard it twice (from Reepicheep and Susan).

Question #45190 posted on 05/22/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Who was Susan, and why was she so lazy?

- Curious

A: Dear George,

Someone asked Google Answers a similar question. I think it's funny they used to be called dumbwaiters.

A: Dear Curious,

See also Board Question #39098.

- the librarian
Question #45173 posted on 05/22/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

You know the Zelda medley they sometimes play when the library is closing? I've had that MP3 kicking around on my computer for a while, but I can't figure out which games all the songs are from. I recognize most of them, but two still elude me. Here's what I know of the lineup, in order of appearance:

Main Zelda Theme
Original Dungeon theme
Main theme again
Dark World from a Link to the Past
Ballad of the Wind Fish from Link's Awakening
Main theme again

What are the two unidentified ones in there?

- Diemer

A: Dear diemer,

I found a copy posted on Youtube that matched the mp3 that Yellow sent me, and the tracklist is as follows, according to one of the comments:

0:10-1:33 NES LoZ Opening
1:33-1:53 LoZ Underworld
1:50-2:29 Zelda 2 Opening
2:29-2:58 Zelda 2 Palace Music
2:58-3:39 Zelda's Lullaby - Many Zelda Titles
3:39-4:06 Agahnim and Ganon from a Link to the Past
4:06-4:21 Zelda OverWorld Theme -- Many Zelda Titles
4:21-5:01 Dark World Theme - Link to the Past
5:01-5:30 Ballad of the Windfish - Links Awakening
5:30-5:42 Finished of with snippet of Zelda Theme

I hope that's the information you were looking for!