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Question #91152 posted on 04/11/2018 11 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So, I'm going to be staying in Provo this summer, and I've already determined that I can stay off-campus as long as I'm signed up for Fall. Can I also sign up for a meal plan over the summer, even though I won't be attending classes? The discount on campus is nice.



Dear Eagle,

I searched the BYU Dining website and couldn't find anywhere that said you had to be enrolled during classes. I also couldn't find anything that explicitly said you had to be a student, so that could just be a product of having an old, poorly designed website. For the sake of getting this to you in a timely manner, I'll just let this post, and if any readers have inside information please drop a correction. My best guess is that as long as you are a student you can sign up for a meal plan even if you aren't enrolled in classes. If you want to contact BYU Dining directly here's the link. Hope this helps.



Question #91080 posted on 04/11/2018 4:04 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Every time I go to the Greek N Go by the Mexican Mormon Museum it's closed. It doesn't have any signs about shutting down, but it's closed in the middle of the day and the inside looks messy and cluttered. Did they shut down? Where can I get good Greek now?

Greek don't go


Dear YEE-ros,

YOOOOO, they're open again! This is such a good story guys. Inspirational. We should make a movie. I literally had this answer written out:

"The good news is I still had the original owner's number! Bad news is it is definitely closed indefinitely. Mark said he sold it last summer and the new owners haven't been able to keep it open. They are trying to get financing and hope to reopen soon. I also asked for Mark's recommendation for Greek food he said we should either wait for the Greek N Go to reopen or go to Salt Lake. I'm inclined to agree with him. However, Burger Supreme and Pita Pit have some semblance of bread, meat, and tzatziki sauce if you're desperate enough to accept a compromising substitute.  I went A LOT last summer so I'm super sad about it too. But I'm glad Mark is able to move forward and take a break. He's such a sweet dude. Let me know if you find anything worthy of the craving, my friend. Good luck."

I talked to Mark yesterday and then finished that like ten minutes ago. Then Sherpa Dave sent me the good word. GREEK N GO IS OPEN AGAIN! He was good enough to send me proof pics. Miracles happen.