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Question #92171 posted on 04/12/2019 10:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

One of my relatives was excited because her daughter had "won"(?) a Miss [state] in a pageant called "East Coast USA." The site for the one she went to is eastcoastusapageant dot com. There are so many scams milking people's hopes. Is this one a scam?



Dear relative,

It's legit. If anything though it looks like participation trophies are definitely a thing at this pageant: "We recognize every contestants participation by giving them recognition onstage and awarding prizes as well as a beautiful rhinestone tiara to them at every pageant regardless of their placement. Just for trying their very best!" So maybe your relative's daughter simply won a participation trophy...? But their website looks legit, and they have an active (and fairly popular) Facebook and Instagram account, which would be very unlikely if they were just a scam.

-guppy of doom

Question #92172 posted on 04/12/2019 4 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is President Eyring related to Medal of Honor recipient and Church member Captain Mervyn S. Bennion, United States Navy? CAPT Bennion was KIA at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and is interred at the SLC Cemetery. I know Pres. Eyring’s middle name is Bennion, and I believe he’s related to Elder Adam S. Bennion, who I have reason to believe was CAPT Bennion’s younger brother.

-Likes military stuff


Dear private,

I don't know very much about family history, but I have a friend that is a regular genealogy wizard. I asked her and this is what she said (you will need to log in to FamilySearch to see the links):


Dear Stuff,

Thanks for giving me a chance to do some genealogical research for fun! I began to answer your question by going to FamilySearch and inputted Mervyn’s name, birth, and death date. I found his FamilySearch profile here (KWZS-CJ3).  His parents are Israel Bennion and Jeanette Sharp. I did not see Adam listed as a sibling.

I then searched for Adam S. Bennion and found his FamilySearch profile here (KWJ8-M9D). Adam’s parents are Joseph Bushell Bennion Sr. and Mary Ann Sharp. Mary Ann Sharp is Jeanette’s older sister, so technically Adam and Mervyn are cousins.

I continued my quest to see where President Eyring fit into the mix, and I went to since it’s a super cool website to see which famous people you’re related to. President Eyring is my 10th cousin three times removed in case you were interested. Since FamilySearch doesn’t allow you to see other people’s profiles that are still alive, I went to Mildred Bennion’s (his mother) FamilySearch profile here (KWCV-B2T). I searched her FamilyTree to see if I could find a connection to Adam and Mervyn.

I clicked on the “View Tree” button and did the same with the other two men. I found a common connection between all three of them: John Bennion (KWJB-NG4).

The FamilyTree progresses like this: President Eyring is the son of Mildren Bennion. Mildred is the daughter of Marcus Bennion (KWCJ-KHY). Marcus is the son of John Bennion (L67-VHF). John is the son of John Bennion (JWJB-NG4).

Mervyn Bennion: Mervyn is the son of Israel Bennion (KWCG-N11). Israel is the son of John Bennion (L67-VHF). John is the son of John Bennion (KWJB-NG4).

Then Adam Bennion is the son of Joseph Busnell Bennion Sr. (KKC3-3Q9). Joseph is the son of Samuel Bennion (KWJ8-SR4). Samuel is the son of John Bennion (KWJB-NG4).

If that doesn’t make sense, just look at each of the FamilyTrees and you’ll be able to see the connection as long as you follow the Bennions.

In conclusion, you’re correct! President Eyring is related to both of these men, but they aren’t his direct grandfathers.

-Goldie Rose

There you go! Also, another way to say that they were cousins of his grandfather is that they are his first cousins twice removed.



posted on 04/15/2019 7:59 p.m.
I forgot to mention that I always make sure that the relationships between the child and parent are correct before going onto the next generation. But since it's close to finals and many of the people were well known and were 'read only' (aka can't change them), I didn't check the sources before confirming they are in fact related. Which is something you should always do when doing family history.

-Goldie Rose
Question #92173 posted on 04/12/2019 11:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

For each of your current classes, on a scale of one to 10, how would you rank your 1) aptitude/competence, and 2) willingness/motivation ?



Dear friend, 

MSB 491R (Social Innovation Project) -   A/C: 7 M: 5. I get to use a lot of my skills and I think the concept of the course is AWESOME, but my project has been mostly repetitive research. It's been a bit bland, and I'm the team lead which is... somethin' else. 

REL C 200 - A/C: 9-10 M: 5. This class is super opinion/policy based and I don't like that very much. It's super easy, but I don't prefer to spend a lot of time on it. 

SOC 310 - A/C: 8.5 - 9 M: 8 I love most things about this class except for having to meet with a study group, and sometimes the weekly 2-page journal entries are a bore. 

SOC 326 - A/C: 8? M: 7-8  It doesn't FEEL like I know what I'm doing because the organization of the class makes no sense to me, but I have like 99.5% because I try hard so... 

SOC 360 - A/C: 8 M: 10 I love this class. I'm super excited to write the final project, I've enjoyed studying for it, the readings are great, and I wish I had more time to dedicate to working this class. The professor is awesome and funny and I don't have anything bad to say about this course...

Stat 123 TA - A/C: 5 M: 2. Why did I get selected to TA for this class? I don't know. I did good in the class but that doesn't mean I have ANY idea what's going on... I feel so incompetent and planning extra time in my week to grade assignments and help students that know basically just as much as I do is pretty stressful. 

So pretty much, I feel the most competent at my SOC classes and also am the most motivated to do well in them. No surprise there...




Dear Lou-lou,

My aptitude/competence can (like most things) best be described through graphs made in Microsoft Paint.


As you can see here, I've been learning and growing continuously this semester. I've acquired skills and learned valuable tools. I'm a better engineer than I was a couple months ago.


Unfortunately, as you can see here, I am behind. This is bad because grades are a thing for grad school applications. So I need to close that little gap right there or I will be in trouble.


The real issue though, is my motivation. As you can see my motivation has dive-bombed in a glorious fireball of despair. I am already done with the semester, but the semester isn't done. Whelp. I've got two weeks to close that gap and little motivation to do so.

But don't worry! There's little more motivating than imminent destruction! As a matter of fact, the only thing more motivating is hope. And thankfully, with the semester about to end, my hope and faith in the glorious rest of summer has been pushing me along. There is a light at the end of the tunnel (The light is fire. The tunnel is on fire. But at least there's a light). Hang in there folks! We've got this! Almost free!




Dear Lucy,

STAC 109 (yoga): 8 and 10

MATH 404: eh, really depends on the day (the mechanics of neural nets are currently escaping me) but probably around 7. And then motivation's like 3.

MATH 405: 8 and 2.

MATH 438: 5 or 6 cause I still can't solve PDE's (unless I have the option of deriving a finite difference scheme to solve it numerically) and that last midterm really killed both me and the entire class. Motivation's currently at about 3.

MATH 439: 8 and 10. Motivation is high because all work for the class has already been completed, and I haven't had to either attend class, or do any homework for a couple weeks now. Nor will I have to do literally anything for this class for the remainder of the semester (my motivation to do nothing is super high, guys).

MATH 495R: 10 (I mean, I accomplished the goal of the class in real life, so I'm going to take that as a win) and 1 for motivation.

REL C 351 (World Religions): 8 and 5.

ENGL 312 (Persuasive Writing): 8 and 5.

A quick note on my aptitude/competence levels: I view a 10 to be absolute perfection in an entire subject. Even if aspects of a subject go beyond the scope of a single class, I still wouldn't give myself a 10 unless I had attained an incredibly deep knowledge/understanding of everything taught, along with solid intuition on how it generalizes to new contexts. Even for yoga, as I cannot do every pose perfectly, I don't feel like I can give myself a 10.