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Question #92530 posted on 08/09/2019 1:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Any place in Provo (or surrounding areas) that you/those you know would recommend for bikini and armpit waxes? Any places you would advise against?



Dear T. Hanks (Tom? Tyra? Tyler? Theresa?),

I would advise against “Muscly Joe,” the burly man who approached me as I was about to cross Center Street and said he could “rip all that rascally hair right out yer armpits, absolutely free of charge,” so long as he got to keep the hair. 

The fact that I can’t find him on Yelp means he’s either very secretive or that he came to me in a dream. 

-Frère Unhelpful


Dear You're Welcome,

My cousin gave me a 10/10 recommendation for European Wax Center in American Fork, and she's the type of gal who knows what she's doing, so I wouldn't hesitate trusting her. 



P.S. This is only semi-related, but I will never pass up an opportunity to put in a plug for Priya, the woman who does eyebrow threading at Dollar Cuts in Provo. If you haven't ever had your eyebrows threaded by Priya, consider this your invitation to do so. The Dollar Cuts used to be inside Smith's, but they recently moved to the Provo Towne Center mall, right by the movie theater. I'm currently out of town, but going to Priya is literally on my to-do list for the day I get back to Provo. Every time I go, I feel like it's the best $7 I've ever spent.