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Question #92533 posted on 08/10/2019 10:42 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board probies,

Board Question #92370 asked everyone what their Myers Brigg types are and the majority of the results were INFJ/ENFP. For non-probies who didn't answer it the first time around, feel free to answer as well. :)

I'll go first! INFJ.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Goldie,

I took the test about a year and a half ago and got ENFP. 

Since a good portion of us seem to be ENFP, I wanted to investigate and see if there's something about this personality type that is conducive to succeeding on the Board. After some investigation on this website, I think I've found that ENFPs are especially suited to being a Board writer.

ENFP strengths include:

  • Curious - Mayhaps the type of person that would be excited about doing a lot of research just because we're interested?
  • Observant - I would guess that this trait would be super helpful in our investigations of various questions.
  • Excellent Communicators - Like, you know, writing legible answers?
  • Friendly - I think this trait is useful to Board writers in two ways. Firstly, if you're a friendly person, you're more likely to be friendly in your writing, something that the Editors and other writers look for in applications. Secondly, a friendly and outgoing person is more likely to be comfortable asking questions and contacting resources that enable us to find good answers.

It was also super bizarre reading about ENFP's potential weaknesses, as I see in them my main struggles, not only in my writing career on the Board but in my life in general.

  • Poor practical skills - I'm good at starting projects, less good at continuing them over time.
  • Difficult to focus - I am very bad at really long answers that require lots of actual research. I don't do very many of those.
  • Overthink things - I think this one speaks for itself.
  • Get stressed easily - Especially when constantly confronted with deadlines? Hmm...?
  • Independent to a fault - I don't like asking for help. Like at all.

Anyway, maybe this was too much information, but I thought it was super interesting that so many of us are all one type. At least maybe now we know why?

-Quixotic Kid


Dear Golden Oldie,

I just took one test and got ENFP, so I guess I fit in with the rest of the Board. I also took this test and got ENFJ, so maybe I'm on the border between the two. When I was younger, I was ENTJ, but I guess it makes sense that I'm moving this way now.



Dear friend,

ISFJ. Every time. I always think I'll get something different, not because I think I've changed but I guess because I don't think I'm that predictable or consistent. Apparently, I am.

Anyway, this time around, I was quite pleased to discover that both Beyonce and Anne Hathaway are ISFJs as well. Good company in my book.




Dear Goldie,

I took the same tests Inklings did, and got INFJ on the first and INTJ on the latter. I took the first test again, just for kicks, and got INFP.

This is about as much as I've varied over the course of my life, I think. Every time I've taken this test or one derivative of it, I've had an extremely pronounced tendency towards introversion, and the others seem slight enough to vary from test to test.

In conclusion, an extrovert I am not (a few minutes of conversation with me should make that quite clear). The difference between my E and I scores is so marked it would be comical if it wasn't so accurate.