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Question #92065 posted on 03/12/2019 3:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Hi there! I am working on research about past BYU Student government. From what I understand, the original government was either dissolved (and later reinstated in a virtually symbolic state by another president) by Ernest Wilkinson, or neutered by Wilkinson himself. I have only heard this, and do not know if this can be corroborated or not. Does anyone have any information regarding any of this? Much appreciated!



Dear you,

I searched for such information and while I wasn't able to find it, I was able to find some leads that might help you in your search. So apparently there's a Wikipedia page for BYUSA. I couldn't get some of the links I tried to work, but you might be able to get somewhere.

I also found some basic info from the campus library website. The includes basic historic information dating back more than 100 years. Unfortunately it doesn't have any of the detailed information you would be looking for. However, it does list several books as sources that might be useful. I would recommend looking into those. I would look, but am quite swamped with midterms.

Finally, it might be useful to contact BYUSA themselves. You might have to go through a few people before you get to someone that would help, but maybe someone over there would know some of the history. Hope this helps!



Question #92092 posted on 03/12/2019 1:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is there an official 100 Hour Board logo? Is there a motto? Official 100 hour board flower?



Dear GA, 

If you save the 100 Hour Board as a bookmark, you get this little thing: 


So I guess our logo is a little question mark in a blue square. 

I don't think we have an official motto, but if we did, I think it would be "Your Questions, Our Answers, in (roughly) 100 hours" of course, what the motto should be is "Procrastinating answering weird and obscure questions since 1998." 

I don't know why we need to have an official board flower? But I gave it some thought and I decided that the Board Flower should be a crocus. Crocuses are very small but very beautiful. They often bloom through snow banks as the first mark of spring. I think the Board is a small but beautiful part of BYU that sometimes goes unnoticed. A lot of times, I feel that our opinions are very progressive in terms of addressing Church policy, BYU issues, etc. I think we're at the forefront of a lot of conversations that literally don't get asked anywhere else (including some of the most odd and bizarre questions I've ever seen in my life.) In the massive expanse of the Internet, the 100 Hour Board is a sweet-smelling, precious small springtime flower. 

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Question #92084 posted on 03/12/2019 12:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a teddy bear that has been well loved/abused for over 20 years now. He's a little worn, but still very much in tact. I feel like they don't make stuffed animals the same way any more. I'm expecting my first baby and want to know where I can get a bear they will be able to love through the years without it falling apart. Where can I find durable stuffed animals? A brick and mortar store in Provo or the nearby area would be preferable, but online sellers are also an option.


-Teddy Bear


Dear Roosevelt, 

It looks like none of us have good recommendations in this arena. Personally, I haven't obtained any stuffed animals since my own childhood, and so don't have any up to date information on them.

If any readers know of a good stuffed animal retailer, please leave a correction.


posted on 03/12/2019 3:42 p.m.
Build a Bear animals are pretty durable. And I've heard if they do get holes in them, you can take them to the store and they'll patch them for free.

posted on 03/12/2019 7:18 p.m.
Just a note: children don't always pick the one you carefully selected to be the ONE beloved. None of mine did, anyway. We bought lots of toys that we thought would be special, but one child took a class donated webkinz dog with him everywhere for years, another stole a bear that my husband gave me when we were dating and that because the one she would never ever part with, and my youngest has "baby", which is not any of the nice baby dolls we bought, but a beanie baby with "I heart Maui" on its chest that someone gave us in a batch of cast offs. Toys will float into their lives randomly, and you just never know which one will be THE ONE that will later be loved thin like a velveteen rabbit.

-The Answer is 42

PS - The webkinz beagle has only a couple of holes from all of that love, and the beanie baby has only lost the ribbon tie around her neck, for the record. Muffin the bear, a random no-brand bear, just has really matted fur. Many other stuffed animals have been loved, but hardly any have shown injury.