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Question #92228 posted on 05/10/2019 9:36 a.m.

Dear Tipperary (and other T-Swift fans),

Thoughts on Taylor Swift's new music video?



Dear Me,

You definitely need to watch it right now if you haven't seen it! Overall, I really like the music video. It has beautiful, colorful visuals to match the catchy up-tempo music. Also, Brendon Urie is amazing so the new video definitely has that going for it. I feel like a lot of T-Swift fans are happy about it because the colorfulness of the video seems to indicate a shift from her recent style. Does this mean we get old Taylor back? Will she surprise us with a new style? We don't know, but it's all very exciting.

As much as I love the song there's one thing about it that I cannot take seriously. The song is super catchy and the lyrics are pretty good too right up until the line "Hey kids! Spelling is fun!" What? Really? Why? It's a transition to the bridge, but its forced and ridiculous. Also, the bridge isn't that good anyways. My entire family gathered around the TV to watch the video drop and when she sang that line we just died laughing. Also, the music video is kinda trippy. We decided that maybe a more accurate line for the video would be "Hey kids, drugs are fun!". But that wouldn't be very appropriate now would it.

TL;DR: The music video is fun and the song bops. There's just one line I can't take seriously




Dear You,

My first thought when I heard it was that it sounds like something an elementary school class would sing to learn about why you should be nice to people--the lyrics, the pastel colors everywhere, the tune, it all sort of points in the direction of an elementary school song. Despite that I still got sucked into listening to it multiple times and forcing my husband to watch the music video with me multiple times, though, so it's definitely catchy. It's a fun, upbeat song to listen to if you're in the mood for bubblegum pop (but I still stand by my conviction that it really does seem like something you would hear a class of third graders singing). Also, I agree 1,000% with Tipperary about that, "Hey kids, spelling is FUN!" line. 


Question #92212 posted on 05/10/2019 9:30 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is it possible for me to attain the physique of Thor?



Dear Avengers,


Yes, all you have to do is totally give up on your body and eat whatever you want. It's really quite easy.