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Question #92163 posted on 04/09/2019 10:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If you can get this answered soon, then many thanks!

If not, I will store it away for later :)

Heading to Portland soon and after listening to this episode (https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/pdx-carpet/) of 99% invisible, I want to find the original PDX carpet in the airport!

Have any of you been in that airport recently and can help me narrow down my search area? Thanks!

PS the podcast is amazing! take a listen.



Dear PDX, 

As far as I can tell from an internet search, it's all gone. The last Yelp review that found a small patch was in 2015, but I looked on Reddit and a couple other places, and I think it's all gone now. They tried to find something similar as a replacement - similar weird teal color, but purists agree it's just not the same. I want this answer to post, but if you're really committed you could call the airport customer service desk at 1(877)739-4636. Or you can buy socks, shoes, hoodies, t-shirts, and more with the original design on it to immortalize your visit. (For example, see here and here).



posted on 04/12/2019 1:15 a.m.
I was in the airport in June and October 2018, and there was still a patch in the small area where Alaska boarded prop planes during one of those trips, but it was in rough shape. It may not be there anymore.