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Question #92020 posted on 02/11/2019 9:28 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the course load of Health 320 (Advanced First Aid & Safety) like? I'd like to take it during either spring or summer term, and I'd like to know what to expect as far as homework, tests, and quizzes are like so I can plan accordingly.




Dear Bearded,

It looks as though none of us have taken that particular course, and thus can't give you any insider information on it. I'd suggest you look up past syllabi for the class from professors you'd be interested in taking it from.


posted on 02/11/2019 10:04 p.m.
I took HEALTH 320 a few years ago during summer term and the course load is actually pretty light for a 3-credit class. The only homework we had was reading from the textbook, and all our quizzes and tests were on information found in the book or in lectures. Because it’s a first aid class, most of the tests and quizzes were about first aid techniques. The final exam required demonstration of proper techniques, but we had plenty of opportunities to practice those beforehand. Overall it was an easy A, and as a bonus you get first aid/CPR certification if you pass.
Question #92024 posted on 02/11/2019 1:16 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

During the middle of the semester is probably the wrong time to ask this question but...

Have any of you watched "Meteor Garden" on Netflix? It's a Chinese romantic drama and it's cheesy and crazy and I loved it. I haven't found anyone else who's watched it and I'm dying to talk about it.

This was my first time watching a Chinese tv show and I noticed some big differences from American/British tv. Like, for instance, when characters kiss on the show they don't actually kiss! They kind of, I don't know, bump unpursed lips? And extras who kiss don't even get their lips CLOSE to each other!

Is that part of Chinese tv guidelines?



Dear FaSoLaTeDo,

I have not watched Meteor Garden, though it was high on my recommended shows for the brief stint I had Netflix (read: the free month I had). 

If you like cheesy and crazy, I heavily suggest you watch Korean dramas. They are wonderfully, ridiculously dramatic (like all the slow-mo shots of girls falling dramatically into guys arms as they slip on the pavement), and are basically an even better version of Chinese dramas. 

Something I really appreciate about Asian dramas in general, is that they tend to be a lot cleaner than American and British TV. For instance, though the English translations may through some in, there are never any swear words in the original language. I think the scaled back kissing scenes are related to the no-swear rule (though I'm not certain).

Finally, I couldn't answer this without giving you some parting recommendations. My two absolute favorite Korean dramas are Descendants of the Sun and Strong Girl Bong-Soon. Watch them. Love them. Revel in the cheesiness.