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Question #92049 posted on 02/22/2019 4:52 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are any of you Critical Role fans? Which team would win given a Vox Machina vs. Mighty Nein fight, given similar levels/equipment etc.

-Let Them Fight


Dear Fight,

I asked my roommates because they watch Critical Role, but they've only seen Mighty Nein's campaign so they didn't know how the characters individual personalities would come into play. However, they were able to help me do some research and here's what they had to say:

"If we're putting them at the same levels, then Vox Machina would probably win. Vox Machina started as a campaign in Pathfinder, and they switched to 5th edition D&D in the middle of the campaign. Not everything translates perfectly from Pathfinder stats into D&D stats so Vox Machina ended up with higher stats than would normally be possible.

If we're going back and starting Vox Machina from 5th Edition originally, then Mighty Nein has the definite edge. Vox Machina's initial stats were about average, they just happened to benefit switching from Pathfinder to D&D. Everyone had really good rolls for initial stats for Mighty Nein, so if we equaled things out and gave everyone similar strength of items they'd probably have the slight edge. Also, all of the players are a lot more experienced now, so they play better than they did when they with Vox Machina. So that would give them the advantage in this scenario as well"

There you have it. They said it was hard to compare but that they wished they could see an actual Vox Machina vs. Mighty Nein fight. They said would be hilarious and epic.