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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Recently I heard a rumor that BYU was eventually (very far down the road obviously) planning on turning old Provo High into a medical school. Is this true? I feel like then they would have to move all of the life sciences there. What would they do with the Brand New LSB? Would it be possible to implement a medical program and house it in the LSB? Why isn’t there already a medical school here? With the nursing program being so good, I feel like it’s kind of sad that there is no medical program.

-Doctor Strange, Who, or whatever


Dear Our Made Up Names,

I seriously doubt that it would be turned into a medical school. I think people seriously underestimate how big of an undertaking a medical school is. Let's compare some stats:

The University of Utah has a budget of over 2 billion dollars and they spend over half of that on the medical school and health care facilities (Source).

BYU Has an estimated 4,000 employees (Source). The U of U Medical School has over 4,500 faculty (Source).

BYU has roughly 102,000 sq ft (Source). The U of U Hospital's newest facility will be over 300,000 sq ft (Source).

A medical school would basically require more than a doubling of the University. There isn't enough room even if you knocked down all of Provo High School. Heck, you could try and put all of BYU's current resources toward a medical school and still not have enough.

As we've spoken about in earlier answers, BYU's main focus is on a providing quality undergraduate education. While it would be cool to have a medical school, there isn't the resources or mission alignment, and the U of U has a great program that plenty of BYU students go to.

Hope this helps!



posted on 02/12/2020 12:35 p.m.
While the other points still stand, the total square footage number for BYU appears to be incorrect. Multiple sources indicate that BYU's new engineering building alone is about 200,000 sq ft. See for example:

Thus the total square footage of buildings at BYU should be much larger than 102,000 sq ft.

- former engineering student
posted on 02/12/2020 6:12 p.m.
The 102,000 is for the MOA alone (check your source).