If you want to arrange it, this world you can change it. -Trans-Siberian Orchestra
So you're here because you want to learn ALL ABOUT the 100 Hour Board. Who are we, and what do we do?

The Board is a BYU online forum of volunteer students who answer any question they are asked within 100 hours. It is also a place where diverse personalities can interact in a forum relatively free of a social judgments, a place where sensitive and personal questions can be addressed anonymously and given doctrinally-centered answers by a group of caring peers, and a place to learn the history of the billboard, how many pages a Word document will hold, and how to get a locker in the RB locker room. It's funny, friendly, and fascinating.

We are just a small band of omniscient know-it-alls (students) who are willing to sacrifice our time and talents in the name of battling ignorance. We got our positions by being amazingly adept at answering questions with grace and style and irony and sarcasm and (sometimes) scorn. But we are always pleasant. And attractive. None of us are professors. (Quote: the Guru of Time, 2002.02.09)

What we say about ourselves:

I've been noticing that what we do, what we are, our goals and objectives, the things that make the Board what it is differ quite a bit when you talk to different writers and readers. Some people see us a valuable service- a place where people who don't know who to turn to can come for advice given and received with anonymity. For other people, we give the straight facts. Sometimes the board is a solution for idle curiosity- why IS that green stripe on the mountain? What is the name of that book I read and liked about such and so? Sometimes we're a way to broaden outlooks and inform, providing different opinions on things like politics, current events, and how the world works. We can be a voice of comfort to those who despair for one reason or another. We give advice on relationships, for heaven's sake. Sometimes all we are is trivia and comedy. -Uffish Thought

The Board seems to be a liberal source of information for a very conservative community. The board is serious when it needs to be serious. it is humorous when it needs to be humorous. -ignorant

What other people say about us:

I can't think of a better way to show how BYU students obviously care for each other than the generally kind, often very practical advice given by "The Board" to fellow students on all sorts of issues that freshmen and others might not know how to get answered. -Anonymous

[The Board] serves as an arena for lightheartedness, curiosity, honesty, sensitivity, camaraderie...The amazing thing is that the Board can be these things all at the same time! This flexibility is why the Board is not only significant, it is vital to the fabric of BYU. -tiblittle

In particular, I have enjoyed the light-hearted topics that have been discussed light-heartedly, but I have been especially impressed by the seriousness that they have treated serious topics. And, when it came to advice on the serious kinds of topics, I have noticed that they will always direct people to seek help from their bishop and competent professionals who have training in those areas. The members and community of the 100-Hour Board deserve a lot of respect for the way they have handled these topics. -snowfarthing

I recently discovered a gem on the web. A place where intelligent, moral people can hang out without all the profanity and suggestive subject matter. These kind of places are few and far between, but I found such a place at the 100 Hour Board. I actually found the board while searching for factoids on Jon Heder, the guy who plays Napoleon Dynamite. While I am not a student, or a Latter Day Saint, I appreciate what the board has to offer. These people are unashamed of their faith, and are just trying to do what is right. -AG

Through The Board, we catch glimpses of new trends on campus. We overhear the buzz of conversations in the dorms. We are amused by the continuing fervor over Napoleon Dynamite, and touched by the continuing fervor over meaningful relationships, missions, marriage and morality. It's reassuring to know that college kids still ask good questions, and that college kids can give equally good answers. It's probably safe to say that some of us have become Board addicts: the day just isn't complete without catching up on what the Duchess, Ambrosia, Beemer Boy, Misaneroth, Toasteroven and all the rest have had to say. -Misaneroth's mom

Since finding out about the 100 Hour Board, I have read it daily. I enjoy reading the answers to various trivia questions people ask. The 100 Hour Board is the main way I find out about campus events, since people will ask questions about when various activities are and how much they cost. This allows me, as a BYU alumnus, to still feel connected to BYU and attend the occasional activity. -Curious in Orem

We've included a prospective writer information page, which is not a link to application, mind you, but more of a qualifications page to inform you wonderful people what it takes to be a part of the Board.

We've also included short bios, for your reading pleasure, from all current writers who choose to present themselves in a creative and enthusiastic nature. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading all About Us. For more information about what we do, visit our Policies page.