When you help someone up a hill, you get that much closer to the top yourself. -Anonymous

The 100 Hour Board. It is simple in concept: people ask questions, and a select few do their best to answer these questions within 100 hours. Having moved online, there has not been a day that the Board has been up that we have not received a question. With hundreds of readers visiting every day (fewer on Sundays), it is a testament to the Board itself when all you notice is the questions and answers provided.

However, the Board is much more than just questions and answers. It is a "complete" content management system that gives everyone from the casual reader to the Editors the ability to accomplish the tasks that the Board provides them. Where I use the word "complete", I do not mean to imply that the Board is the way that it is and will never change again. Rather, the Board is complete in what it needs to provide everyone with the basic functionality that they require to enjoy it. The Board however is also very incomplete with many features and functionality lacking that we would like to see go into it. Although you cannot see it, the Board changes on a more frequent basis than most people may think.

This special section is here to help readers see what exactly goes on Behind the Board: What Writers do, the role Editors play, and what exactly the Administrators do. Each of the following subsections covers a specific part of the Board, giving insights into what exactly we do here. If there is a specific area of interest that is not covered, feel free to ask a question about it and we will do what we can to answer it. Realize that we cannot reveal EVERYthing that we do here, but we know that enough people are curious that we felt it would be in everyone's interest to provide this special look Behind the Board.

  1. Question to Answers - Follow question #25358 as it journeys though the question-answering process.
  2. Taming the Digital Beast - How the Board functions at the coding level.
  3. The Joys of Editing - A short story about what editors do on the Board and why people think they are so important.
  4. Board 5.0 - The history of Board 5.0