A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. - James Dent

About Lavish:

Lavish is a(n) __________ (adjective) girl.

She comes from a __________ (adjective) family and grew up in the suburbs of a __________ (adverb) __________ (adjective) city.

Things Lavish likes include: __________ (noun), pink __________ (plural noun), and __________ (verb gerund) really quickly. In her spare time, Lavish likes to __________ (transitive verb), though she doesn't have as much time for it as she would like. When __________ (third person female pronoun) was seven, she learned to __________ (verb) and has enjoyed it ever since. __________ (interjection)!

Things Lavish dislikes include: __________ (verb gerund), frequent __________ (verb gerund), and people that __________ (verb) loudly. (But who likes any of those things anyway?)

People say that she is __________ (adjective) and very __________ (adjective). Lavish adds that she is also __________ (adjective). And she is.

As the Board's newest writer, Lavish hopes to __________ (verb).

Contact: lavishable at gmail dot com

Blog: Lavishable

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