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About Dragonboy:

I was out on the range rounding up the usual cattle, the same way along the usual trails. Day after day I chased the same cattle on the same monotonous trails.  “There must be something more for me in this life!” I plead aloud to the dust. Then I heard it, a faint whisper on the western wind, growing stronger. It was like great thunder and beautiful music at the same time. Then I saw it. A great green and black dragon glided over the mesa. Not a word was spoken as it passed over me, but at once I understood. “If you would be a man, follow me.” I rode like the wind over hill and prairie, desperately trying to keep up. Finally I came over a ridge and I saw a vast prairie of wild, fierce and untamed dragons. Immediately I understood my destiny. I took my lasso in hand and charged down the hill to the prairie below. Through smoke and flame I roped the largest bull dragon I could see. After a long struggle and many singes he understood he had been mastered. Slowly, I brought order to the valley, and I became Dragonboy.

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