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Q: Dear the Board,

I was just curious about how the Board began. Was it like: In the beginning was the void. And then the Almighty shaped..."The BOARD!" [Cue: big schmoozy fanfare].

Perhaps it was more: Many years ago, in a small cabin in the hills of Virginia, there lived a little board. [Cue: dueling banjos].

In any case, I wanted to know how, where, and why it was born; who gave birth to it; and how members of the board are selected--I mean, blood rites or what?



A: Dear Alfalfa,

The 100 Hour Board was originally a program maintained by SAC, basically treated as a glorified suggestion box for BYU campus. From 1998:

If you are asking why the 100 Hour Board exists at all, some might tell you that it's to entertain the student body, some might tell you that it's a place to get questions answered about BYU policy that you can't get answered anywhere, and some will tell you it is just lame. But the real reason is this. SAC monitors the questions that are posted on the Board, and thereby they have a gauge of what kinds of things are on the student body's mind. Lots of people come here to complain about things they see and do on campus, and SAC takes the concerns to the administration. So in short, the 100 Hour Board makes the BYU experience better for me and you.

But the person in charge of the Board had a larger vision. When funny or off-the-wall comments came in, the Board answered them. And things just took off from there. The Board is currently an independent entity at BYU.

After months of research, we present to you our documentaries; the beginning of the Board, its Powers That Be, and its legacy. We are proud to finally have some kind of documented history for posterity's sake, so that future readers don't mistake us as deceitful when we say we wrote for the most unique student organization ever created.

-The Board