When you help someone up a hill, you get that much closer to the top yourself. -Anonymous

Jennifer Stubben, 2002-2003

I'm happy to recall that I presided over a rather tranquil time in the Board's history--the only time I met up with any powers-that-be was when I needed to access pizza party funds.

Of course, there was that time we discovered BYUSA had switched servers without telling us in advance, but we don't hold grudges (they pay for the pizza, after all). Let's just say that the previous bitter feelings from Mr. SAC in Othello's narrative probably still existed down the pipeline of the organization, because Stlife.byusa.edu/100hour ceased to exist. This was a slight problem for Board operations. After an uncharacteristic summit meeting of three Board members, we managed to find new web space for ourselves (thanks Oz!) and went at it alone.

About two years after first discovering the Board, I realized that I was missing out on all the action by just reading the answers. Using the dogged investigate skills that would come to serve me well (actually it was a quick phone call and a BYU directory search), I tracked down the true identity of Othello and sent him an email. I was in.

I was eventually deemed worthy to take over as editor of the Board, and thus began a new era in Board history--that of the Woman in Charge. Another change was the addition of the online search engine. Sure it was a basic search engine, nothing fancy, but sometimes it did get the job done (Thanks again, Oz!).

I remember with fondness our end-of-the-semester pizza parties, when everyone would come in eyeing each other suspiciously--that is, until we bonded over Book of Mormon Apostasy (a game that isn't nearly as sinister as it sounds). We quite enjoyed our undercover status back in the day.

During my reign as editrix, the intrepid Board writers tackled subjects ranging from how many M&Ms it takes to cover the earth to quadruple doubles in the NBA to those ever-popular conspiracy theories. Want to know the truth about personal magnetic fields (PMFs) and their effect on lights and time-keeping devices? Want to know the truth about the tunnels under campus? The horizontal lines up on Provo Peak? Or how about those pesky black helicopters? It's out there, all right--all in the archives. Also in the archives is PEZkopf's story of how he freaked out the female workers at the Twilight Zone by asking them about the security system there. Classic.

Sadly, my reign saw the retirement of long-time writers such as Oz, Knut, Der Berliner, ECDC, and CAPCOM, and the brief yet beloved tenures of writers like Poochie, SSAM, and MrPhil. Also added to ranks were more long-term writers such as Latro (who worked ten feet away from me for months, never knowing I was often sitting there working on the Board), Benvolio, and PEZkopf. You guys are all great!

Eventually, all the aliases in my head started telling me it was time to step down as editor. The Veggie Tales characters were particularly strident, as they were usually forced to answer the more inane questions. As this coincided with the time I graduated from BYU, I began looking for a successor and found one in Duchess. I continued writing for the Board (the Veggies had cleared out, but She Who Must Not Be Named was having a hard time letting go) until I headed off to grad school, where my graduate assistant's pay for answering random questions from random people was much, much better. For good times, though, no job can match the Board--long may it live!

--She Who Must Not Be Named, aka Marian the Librarian