When you help someone up a hill, you get that much closer to the top yourself. -Anonymous

Sky Bones (2009-2012)

As a student office worker on campus, it was inevitable that the Board and I would meet someday. It took me about two years of faithfully reading before I worked up the courage to apply to be a writer. I was accepted as a writer in January 2009 and about a year later I was asked to be an editor. A few months later Yellow stepped down as head editor in order to focus on the more technical aspects of the Board, which left Claudio to take up the reigns. With medical school starting that fall for him, he knew his retirement would soon be coming. During his brief charge, he oversaw the transition to Board 5.0, which was a truly exciting time.

The Board functioned quite smoothly after Board 5.0 was launched. New writers came and seasoned writers retired. A few internal issues surfaced but they were settled in a relatively peaceful and quick manner. Board policies were changed and updated, the writer application was switched around, and things really were quite good for some time.

We had had a comfortable home with the BYU newspaper, The Daily Universe, for a while up to this point, but dark clouds loomed in fall of 2011. Printing of the newspaper was to be discontinued and many of the staff would be let go, which meant the Board would have to find a new home, and quickly. We used all the resources and connections we could muster, but we finally turned to our readership for help and made our plight known to them. Though it was a stressful and uncertain time, there was a staff member on campus that came to our rescue and the Board was able to find a home again.

After four years with the Board, I finally decided my time had come and I was ready to move on to other things. In retrospect there is always more you wish you had done but I was content with all the time and effort I poured into the Board. Though the far future of the Board has always been, and may always be, a bit mysterious, I felt confident at the place and in hands to which I was leaving it and look forward to becoming a reader again.

-Sky Bones