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Question #1142 posted on 10/27/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear Ambrosia,
Do you work/volunteer in the Publications Lab in the HBLL (you sounded extremely familiar today when you gave a brief presentation on the Lab)?
- Recondite

A: Dear Recondite,

Alas, I do not. I do work . . . somewhere. I do not currently volunteer anywhere. However, I'm sure whomever you were listening was just as charming and witty as I, perhaps slightly more. 'Tis a real shame, though. All this time I thought I was so unique, and here there's someone else who sounds like me. Drat. At any rate, I'm sure she's a cool person--she sounds like me, so she must be--you should get to know her.

--Ambrosia, who is slacking on the job