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Question #13100 posted on 03/02/2005 6:58 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How would you handle the son of Satan? Oops, I meant how would you handle an evil little boy that lived across the street from you? I'm looking out my window now, and he's sitting on his lawn looking at our house. Honestly, I've caught him under my bedroom window a few times, just lingering on our side driveway. This devilish six-year-old also tries to get my younger brother and his friend in trouble. He tells his parents they teach him cuss words. He also has spit in their faces on occasion, and is just extremely annoying. Once when he was in our house (he's ALWAYS ringing out doorbell), he threatened to throw a cup of water from our staircase. He's evil. He's been pretty rude to my dad when asked a question as well. The point is, his parents thing he's an angel. In reality, he's a sick and terrible little boy. This kid is one of the reasons I'm not a fan of children. The point is though, how should I finally convince his parents of who he really is? I've contemplated using a mini voice recorder I have. Mwhahahahaha...

Okay, so I was a little question though, how do we get THIS little boy in trouble for once?

-Red Eye, who's tired of the boy's mom calling her mom

A: Dear RE, wtotbmchm,

The boy's mother calls your house? In my opinion, that makes it okay to tattle in reverse. When you find him hiding under your window, don't do anything to the boy. Call his parents. When he spits in your brother's face, let them know. When he drops water off the stairwell, tell them about that, too. And don't just do it yourself, either, although once or twice is okay. Have your parents do it sometimes. This kid's parents may not believe you, but it will plant the seed ob doubt in their minds. And when it happens only when he's over at your house, and when they could look over and see him crouched below your window as it's happening, they may get the picture.

Some new nieghbors moved in during my senior year of high school, and they had a little boy who was much the same, I think. He was rude, he had a foul mouth, he'd walk into our house without knocking, he'd hit my little brothers, and mess things up. He was also slightly mentally disabled. His family did know about the problem, although they never admitted it. But they did tell him we were on vacation to Disneyland, and that there was no point in going over to our house. And we locked our doors even when we were home, and became less shy about telling the kid to go home. Sometimes you can't remove the problem, but you can find ways to deal with it.

-Uffish Thought