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Question #16233 posted on 07/04/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Can someone explain Verizon's IN calling plan? It's not spelled out well on their website.

- Phone Barbarian

A: Dear Phone Barbarian,

"IN" stands for "in network", meaning Verizon Wireless customers calling other VZW customers.

So far as I can tell, it means you have unlimited minutes to call any Verizon Wireless customer any time of day or night. If you get a text messaging bundle, you can also send unlimited text, picture and video messages to other Verizon customers (starting at $5/mo).

There are some stipulations such as the person calling you must not have their caller ID blocked, and other situations (such as calling from some random areas in Mississippi and Louisiana) which don't happen very often.

Hope that helps.

- Beemer Boy