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Question #16480 posted on 07/12/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Thanks for taking this question.. Im going into my junior year having taken the ACT once. I scored a 28.. Is that a decent score for BYU? Im pretty sure i can bring it up to about a 30-31. Is that good enough with a semi-low gpa?

A: Dear _______-

Average ACT scores for incoming freshmen are around 27. If a semi-low GPA means 3.5, it may be good enough, depending on your extra-curriculars and other bio information. (Seminary, geographic origin, sex, seminary status, and other factors can play a role.) If semi-low is 3.0, then you'll need a significantly better showing next time around--like 33 or 34. High school ain't hard. Buckle down and get a 3.9 this year, and get involved in some other activities. Then you'll have much less to worry about.

-The Franchise