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Question #1667 posted on 11/24/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Recently, the College of Engineering and Technology was named after Ira A. Fulton in honor of his generous $50 million donation to BYU. At an appreciation ceremony, Pres. Samuelson presented him with a highly-coveted "O" parking permit, which apparently only 40 or so other people possess. Can you explain what is so special about an "O" permit (i.e. does it allow parking in "service vehicle only" and handicap stalls), and who are the other lucky individuals who also have "O" permits?

- A curious "G" permit holder

A: Dear G:

"O" means "Official." It doesn't get you into the handicap or service spots, but the O spots are usually at the best places in the A (faculty) lots, which are in better locations than the G (graduate) lots, which are much better than the might-as-well-hike Y (undergrad) lots. I guarantee you President and Sister Samuelson have O permits, along with Vice Presidents, Deans, and other high-ups, most of whom work in the ASB.

-- The Keeper of No Parking Permit Whatsoever