Do the chickens have large talons? -Napoleon Dynamite

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Why do France, Germany, and the Apostate State of Canada think that now that the fighting is over, they get a piece of the Iraqi reconstruction pie?
-Rational Thinker

A: Dear Rational Thinker,

Because these pathetic excuses for 'moral' countries have finally begun to realize that the only power and money they are able to obtain in the world comes from the US. They completly lack a backbone, rationale, morals, or any type of legitimitacy. They long for the days when they were viable and legitimate world powers. They always want what they cannot have. Before it was world influence and power. Now it is monetary gain from an operation they opposed. It is stupid. I like to call it 'carteresque' in honor of the stupidest man to try foreign policy in the last fifty years. The useless UN also thinks they should get a piece of the pie.

The captain
A: Dear Thinker (there are so few left),
A-freakin-men to You and The Captain.
-Thor (who always told his friends that if they didn't help build the fort, they wouldn't be allowed to play in it).