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Question #200 posted on 08/06/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
As you go along 9th East, look at the overhead wires on the east side of the street. About once every 100 yards or so, you see these things which look like the heads of tennis rackets as part of the bottommost wires. What purpose do they serve? For a reference, there is one right across from DT in front of that student stake center. Also, sometimes you see coils and coils of extra wire just left on telephone poles (like north of Chatham Towne). Why?
- Megavolt

A: Dear Megavolt,
The, er, objects hanging from the power lines diffuse, um, static electricity so that there are no explosions. They, um, that is, they occasionally leave bundles of phone lines hanging because it appears that they are not yet finished.
-Mr Stibbons